Vanessa Bryant Posts “It Should’ve Been Me” to Kobe Bryant on Birthday

Vanessa Bryant Posts “It Should’ve Been Me” to Kobe Bryant on Birthday

Vanessa Bryant penned down an emotional letter on her private Instagram account, dedicating it to your husband. August 23, marked the first birthday of Kobe Bryant after he had left the world. It would have been his 42nd birthday, and his wife Vanessa wrote a harrowing post sharing her feeling. She noted how they would have celebrated the day and how much the family misses him.

Vanessa Bryant put up an image and wrote, “To my baby~Happy Birthday,” and put a picture along that showed the couple clasping hands. She expressed how much she misses him and that he and Gigi should have been there on that day to celebrate.

Kobe Bryant was one of the vital members of the Los Angeles Lakers. He, along with his daughter Gigi lost their lives to a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Kobe and Vanessa have three more daughters who are now dealing with a tough time. Celebrating birthdays to anniversaries without the father and daughter has been very difficult for the rest of the family.

Vanessa Bryant pens painful letter to Kobe Bryant on birthday

Vanessa’s letter wrote how she wished she could have cooked Kobe’s favorite food and bake a cake with daughter Gigi. She said that she has been trying to be strong to help her other three daughters deal with the loss in the family. She also said that Kobe would have been proud of his daughters if he was here.

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Vanessa goes onto write that she pictures his smile and welcoming hugs every day. She painfully writes that she feels empty without Gigi. She also said that no matter how much she wants to cry, she tries to stay strong for the daughters.

Bryant wrote she wished this was a nightmare and that she didn’t have to feel the heartache. She then goes onto say that Gigi was supposed to be with her sisters, and “it should’ve been me.”

Friends poured in love and support

The wife ended her note by thanking Kobe for showing her what love is and everything he did for her. Friends of the Bryant family-like Khloe Kardashian and Pau Gasol sent treats and flowers to make the birthday of the Lakers champ. Also, many friends and supporters commented on the post to show support and care towards the family.

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