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Tom Brady Seems Unstoppable in a Workout Session at Tampa Bay

42-year old former player, Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots Quarterback seems super energetic. Nothing, not even the global pandemic seems to bring his spirits down while he was found practicing with his new teammates. It seems he is looking forward to the upcoming NFL season and wants to show his capability. He has recently shifted to Tampa Bay to be a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team.

It seems that Brady has settled down pretty well after a few struggles he was facing in Tampa Bay initially. The Tampa Bay Times was the first to cover the entire picture of the informal practice session that was held yesterday. The pictures of Tom Brady passing to Mike Evans (wide receiver), and Cameron Brate (tight-ends) has been doing the rounds on the internet for a couple of hours now. O J Howard was also present during the session that was being held on the grounds of the Berkeley Preparatory School.

Some of the other players who were also seen practicing along with Brady and the team were Ryan Jensen and Ryan Griffin. Blaine Gabbert, Scottie Miller (receiver), and Dare Ogunbowale (running back) were also to be seen on the field. Social distancing is indeed in place due to the spreading effects of the novel coronavirus. Despite restrictions, Berkeley Prep has still shown some interest and offered an exemption to Brady and the team. Therefore, they have now started preparing for the next season well in advance already.

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There is another contradiction in the story here. It appears when the coach of the football team of Berkeley Prep, Dominick Ciao says that he is not even aware of such practice sessions at all. Ciao has been the coach of the Berkeley team for almost 13 years now. While on the other hand, Tom Brady is facing a new challenge again after joining the Tampa Team. After a long career as a part of the New England Team, it is a challenge for the 42-year old to learn new things. It seems he is having a hard time learning about the “Bruce Arians’ offense. Brady has come up with a lot of interest in getting caught up. He has also lost his way on the streets while trying to go around. It recently happened again when he was about to visit Byron Leftwich, offensive coordinator of Bucs.

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About the workout session

More highlights from the recent workout session show that the former Quarterback was showing quite some skills on the field. One of the major activities of the session was sharpening passing skills. It also involves learning how to score better in the red zone. Brady seemed quite responsive to the entire drill and was delivering fantastic deep balls. It seems that he is taking all the deep threats very seriously. On the receiving end was Evans, who was trying to catch up with Brady’s pace. During the session, Brady was wearing his new Buccaneers helmet!

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