Sean Payton and Jon Gruden fined for not wearing mask

Sean Payton and Jon Gruden Fined Over Mask Violation Policy of NFL

The NFL fines coach Sean Payton and Jon Gruden of the New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders. Moreover, their teams are also under charges of not adhering to the safety guidelines of the League. Reports are stating that the team members were not wearing face coverings or masks properly during games.

Despite both the coaches claiming that they are now completely fine after testing COVID-19 positive, a fine of $100,000 was levied on each. Moreover, the Raiders and Saints, who played the current NFL season’s debut game in Las Vegas, need to pay a fine of $250,000 each. A source close to both the teams reveals that the League is yet to announce the fine officially.

The fines levied on the coaches, and both the teams for breach of mask-wearing protocol sums up to $1.75 million. On the other hand, Pete Caroll, Kyle Shanahan, and Vic Fangio have to pay fines for similar disciplinary issues. They are from Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, respectively.

Sean Payton and Jon Gruden accept their mistakes

Sean Payton and Jon Gruden have accepted that they were diagnosed with COVID-19 and were told to take special care. The League officials had told them to maintain the ‘T,’ which they did not. Besides, Troy Vincent, the Executive Vice- President of NFL, sent a memo to the teams to maintain discipline and vigilance. The League was hell-bent on listing the strictest rules to keep functioning amidst the pandemic successfully. The memo contains information regarding the correct way of wearing face masks. The players and NFL members must wear them so that the mask covers both the mouth and the nose.

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Team staffers and coaches who will stay on the sidelines also have to wear face coverings mandatorily. However, there is no requirement for Buffalo Bills and 49ers to do the same. They are to wear masks only during the home ground matches. During an interview, Jon Gruden says that he was trying his best to adhere to the rules. However, he accepts his mistake and is ready to pay a fine, if needed.

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