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NBA Player Russell Westbrook Announced of Being Coronavirus Positive

Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets finally revealed the reason why he was missing from the team. Well, his absence during the game at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in the Walt Disney World Resort was a mysterious incident. Fans were wondering what may have happened that led to his absence from such an important event. Finally, on July 13, Westbrook publicly announced about his symptoms. He says that he has been tested positive, and it happened right before the team’s departure scheduled for Orlando, Florida.

The NBA player took to his Twitter handle and Instagram account to post the revelation. He says that his test reports were positive, and that was just before his team was leaving for the series in Orlando, Florida. However, he assured everyone by saying that he was better now and feeling well too. So, he is now waiting for the association to give him the clearance before he can join back in the season. He also expressed his gratitude towards everyone for their support and love by saying that he is now ready to join his teammates. Besides, he warned everyone to take the coronavirus very seriously and to wear masks mandatorily.

Absence of Russell Westbrook from the Houston team

The Houston Rockets participated in their second match at the Walt Disney World without Westbrook. The other players who were missing from the game include Moute Luc Mbah and James Harden. Mike D’Antoni, coach of the team, and the members kept mum and denied any further comments on the absence of the players. Later, the coach announced that the missing players were working out and getting ready by themselves. He further assured that they will be rejoining the team within a week.

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In a Zoom call with reporters, coach D’Antoni says that he already is under a one-year pre-med, but does not when it is going to happen for real. Also, he spoke about the missing players of the Houston team and says that they will be there once the protocols are all out of the way. Besides, the players are all eager and anxiously waiting to rejoin, and therefore self-training to be in good shape. Also, he does not want to accept this as any kind of setback and says that the team will be moving in full swing in just a couple of weeks.

Apart from the coach’s statement, everything else regarding the rejoining of Moute Luc Mbah, and James Harden is unclear. Besides, no one knows yet how far the formalities are about Westbrook joining the team for the upcoming games. According to the COVID-19 protocol of the NBA, Russell Westbrook will have to undergo medical tests every day. Just when two consecutive reports come out negative, he will get the clearance to join the team back for the upcoming games. However, after getting clearance and arriving at the Walt Disney World, Westbrook will have to undergo further tests for COVID. Moreover, he will have to be in two-day isolation on arrival.

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