New Year Triathlon Gear

New Year Triathlon Gear Review: Choosing the Best One

Triathlon is a multi-sport race that consists of cycling, running, and swimming during the race. Triathletes compete for each segment’s completion time and race according to the time segment. If you want to stay comfortable, the triathletes have to wear unique costumes and accessories to increase their performance and prevent damage to any body part. Sumarpo products are known as ideal for triathletes as these are comfortable and give relaxation during activity. The triathlon gear review has been done here. If you want to know which wetsuit you should consider for the new year event and what accessories make a perfect match with such activity, we have listed the four wetsuit levels you can own for the triathlon races.

Sumarpo is UK based company that was founded in 2008. After many years of development, the company has become a leader in the market. If you want to improve your performance, you can choose one of the New year’s triathlon gears to enjoy a performance during the race. Have a look at a new year triathlon gear review and choose the one that suits your need.

Triathlon wetsuit: 

  • Premium Wetsuit Victory (Pre-Sale)

The competition-level wetsuit is the high-end eco wetsuit that helps the racer to perform well. The triathlon gear is equipped with SCS NANO coating that reduces the dragging of water and helps in improving the swimming speed. One additional feature that makes this Sumarpo product reliable is its design with Yamamoto#45 Neoprene adopted on shoulders and arms to make you feel nearly zero restrictions for swim stroke. The company has tested and designed for triathletes. The Victory swimsuit is equipped with special technology for improving swim times. It also reduces the drag in the water. Thus, less resistance and more speed will help the athlete to win the race.

  • High-Performance Wetsuit VANGUARD

The beginners or experts winning the triathlon race matter, and the victory is based on the gears. Thus, if you want to win the race, you should choose the high-level wetsuit. One of the ideal options is the Vanguard that is known as the high-performance wetsuit. The company has designed it for triathletes and made it with a special material known as Yamamoto 40 Aerodome Neoprene and SCS coating. Moreover, it improves buoyancy and speed. Thus, reduce the restrictions on the stroke. All these features make the swimsuit flexible and buoyant. The price is reasonable, but the quality is premium. Because of these reasons, triathletes love to buy the VANGUARD to have a comfortable swimming experience with this suit.

  • Affordable wetsuit- SUMARPO RACE
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Sumarpo RACE is known as the performance changer, which comes with technology to help triathletes improve their performance. The company has used the premium Yamamoto neoprene that improves buoyancy, speed, and flexibility. The eco-friendly RACE is made with limestone that is biodegradable and is skin-friendly. The slippery lining is an additional feature of the wetsuit lined with a wide range of SQ-flex inner liners and super dine stretch fiber that helps the body glide smoothly in the water and fast donning and off. Because of the slippery lining, it’s easy to put in and out without the assistance of others. SCS coating is another plus point that resists water penetration inside the suit. The adopted neoprene has one characteristic – thermal insulation, making no wetting of the body, and the body’s temperature remains dry as well. In light of this, the swimmer does not feel cold and enjoys performance comfortably.

  • Best Entry Level wetsuit- Sumarpo N-Joy

Get ready to make the swimming experience memorable by purchasing the entry-level wetsuit-Sumarpo N-JOY best entry-level wetsuit in the town. Because of the patented GPS, one can smoothly slice in the water. Moreover, the cutting technology also improves flexibility. It offers the optimal thickness design. Although the product price is not high yet, its quality is quite good. This is prepared for the beginner or novice triathlete who is looking for a performance-orientated wetsuit without breaking the bank.

Other accessories

Triathlon Gear                                             

There are other accessories also that help the swimmer to stay comfortable during the race. Some of the things the racer must own are given below.

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Compression socks

The compression socks are known as the best choice for swimmers having more than 600% elasticity and are designed with the elastane fabric in the market. The socks are equipped with scientific technology, which reduces pain in varicose veins. Because of this reason, it prevents the development of deep vein thrombosis. Thus, it reduces leg swelling.

The triathlon compression socks are ideal for running and make a good option for cycling: mountaineering, sedentary lifestyle, and basketball. Because of the ultralight design and hydrophobic materials, it improves breathability. This feature keeps the foot dry. No matter how long you wear the socks, your feet remain dry, and you feel no itching. 

These compression socks offer maximum comfort with toe closure and are easy to put on or take off because of the wide calves. Cushioned terry style sole and heel is a wonderful feature that offers extra comfort. This keeps you free of any stress no matter for how much time you wear them.

Anti-Fog Goggles

Goggles are another accessory the triathlon athlete must have to keep the eyes safe. Sumarpo offers premium quality goggles that let you have a safe swim experience. The double-deck seal design comes with an anti-fog coating. Thus, you will feel no interference from fog while swimming. The premium quality optical lens offers the best underwater experience. Such, a lens offers maximum peripheral vision and better light transmission. Polycarbonate and Silica gel are other features that give goggles anti-fog characteristics and improve your swimming experience.


SUMARPO is one of the leading brands in the market. Suppose you are wandering to make your swimming experience the best and thinking of buying the best swimsuits and accessories for a triathlon. In that case, you should prefer the anti-fog goggles, compression socks, and eco-wetsuits from the house of Sumarpo. The new year triathlon gear review indicates that all these make a perfect match, and you will definitely have the best triathlon experience.

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