Darlington Raceway

Darlington Raceway Filled With Fans As The NASCAR Routine Resumes

Reports from Darlington say that Charles Keith Johnson felt lost when he did not know what to expect from the raceway scenes on Sunday. He has been a regular at the Darlington Raceway for the past 56 years at a stretch. He said it was strange to find out that fans now had no access to the raceway even at such an important part of the year. Johnson also added that it will feel very strange to see the famous racers walk around in an empty raceway. Otherwise, they are always flooded with fans who are ready with a pen for them to sign an autograph. He says that the stars are now used to that kind of a buzz during the events and they will surely have a hard time now.

With so many restrictions on the movement of people now, the racers are going to miss the usual hustle there. However, it is important to maintain social-distancing to bring down the spread of the novel coronavirus. If fans would have gotten access to the tracks, it could have led to a huge risk of the spread of the virus. Despite so many restrictions, fans have still arrived at the venue expecting a glimpse of their favorite racers. It is sometimes overwhelming to see so much pride and love in them when they wait for just one autograph. Sadly, this year the racers will have to bear the silence and calm inside the raceway and just formally compete with each other.

What happened to the crowd?

Due to the strict restrictions against the access of people inside the Darlington Raceway, other strategies worked for the fans. The insatiable excitement for sports led them to find a seat at the Darlington Grill, which is right outside the stadium. A massive number of fans waited in the pub to witness the first race of the season. Besides, the picture of the match, The Real Heroes 400 looked very different this year.

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Everyone starting from the racers to the pit-team members, all were wearing masks. Even the commentators sitting in the track-side had their faces covered with masks. Such is the effect of the global pandemic. However, what could not be subdued was the enthusiasm of sports-hungry fans. The number of television audiences broke all records to date. The best part was that there was no report of any chaos despite the huge crows. Everyone was taking the necessary preventive measures and were maintaining proper order at the Darlington Grill.

Although they stand in the stadium looked deserted and empty, the enthusiasm within fans was brimming like always. The happy picture of sports fanatics munching on boiled peanuts and chicken bogs was overwhelming. The Darlington Raceway is one of the oldest ones to host big events in the world and the oldest in the US of course. The raceway is in the shape of an egg, and still maintains the authenticity of being like that since the beginning.

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