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Challenge Your Friends On These Word Gaming Platforms

Thinking of challenging your friends for a word game, but don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, because you have come to the right place! Playing Gaming Platforms with friends is a fun way to learn new things as well as have fun. Maybe it’s been long since you last had a charade night or played word games in person with your friends. But, here’s the good news: there are multiple interesting word games available on iOS and Android, which you can choose to play with your friends.

Playing through your phone with your friends is equally as fun as playing in person. The following word gaming platforms will indulge you in some neck-to-neck competitions with your friends. It will be a fun way to keep yours as well as your friends’ minds occupied when you have to stay all day indoors.

  1. Scrabble Go

Scrabble is a classic word game loved by many due to its engaging game mechanics. Now there is a newer version of scrabble known as ScrabbleGo. ScarbbleGo is a highly social game that allows you to invite any of your friends by connecting through Whatsapp, Facebook, or other networking platforms. While the basics of the game remain the same, there are new and interesting features that ScrabbleGo boasts of. Remember to warn your friends on using a word cheater like as as it creates greatest advantage to winning the game easily.

Features such as rack swap, scrabble scholar, and word finders give you the opportunity to learn and improve as you play. The duels are fast-paced in ScrabbleGo, with a timer set for five minutes and just five turns for each player. Other features include:

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Tumbler: you need to find the highest scoring word from a rack of letters.

Word drop: you make words by connecting adjacent letters, and so on.

Scarbble Go also brings tournament style matches that you can play with your friends.

2. Infinite Word Search

Infinite Word Search game is one of the best word search puzzle games you can find. While you may think that word search puzzles are mostly a single-player affair that is not the case with Infinite Word Search game. What sets this game apart is the ability to play with multiple players at a time. Challenge your friends for the ultimate word search puzzle game by connecting through Facebook.

Another attraction about this game is that you can choose the level of gameplay through the “progression “or the “infinite” game modes. You can test your word search skills through the progression mode since the game becomes increasingly difficult. At infinity mode, you can experience casual gameplay with challenging word searches. Infinite Word Search gives you unlimited virtual fun with your friends.

3. Word Chums

If you and your friends are vocabulary game lovers, then there is no other game as interesting as Word Chums! Word Chums take word puzzle games to another level with beautiful graphics, and multiplayer mode for 2-4 players at a time. Your level of XP in the game increases as your word dictionary score increases. You can even become a king or queen of chums with higher points. XP enables you to unlock gear for your chums and level up the game.

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The game shows you the word strength before you play. You can even activate “word search hints” that locate a better word for you and helps you unscramble. Overall, word chums is a great vocabulary game that gives you deep gaming experience.

4. Ruzzle

Ruzzle is popularly known as the world’s fastest word game and also one of the most successful ones. The game features fast gameplay by giving you only two minutes to find out as many words possible by swiping across unscrambled letters.If you are a beginner you are good to use instawordz word finder for learning. Ruzzle is a great game to challenge your friends into a word search competition.

More points are scored when you swipe over bonus tiles. It allows you to connect to your friends through Facebook, tumbler, or your Ruzzle friends. The game boasts of more than 70 million downloads and is freely available on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, windows phone, and Blackberry.

In conclusion, challenging your friends in a word game is an intellectual way to get engaged as you try to stay indoors. These word gaming platforms are some of the best games where you and your friends can have a good time while learning new things. So wait no more and download these exciting word games ASAP!

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