NBA Bubble Court Orlando Unveils 'Black Lives Matter' Paint Job

NBA Bubble Court Orlando Unveils ‘Black Lives Matter’ Paint Job

NBA decides to do a comeback with their upcoming game season. So, Disney World in Orlando reveals what looks like the new normal now. The media is calling it the bubble court of the NBA after the modification. So much has been going around recently, and of course, two things are most important. Firstly, the restrictions and precautions due to the global pandemic, and the movement of ‘Black Lived Matter.’

It seems that the custom basketball board dry erase has considered both. Moreover, it shows how they have organized the settings for the new game seasons. The way the court is painted with the slogan of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is notable. It seems like a fantastic way in which the NBA had decided to show solidarity with the cause. Besides, the chairs are placed at a proper distance from each other. Therefore, it shows that ‘social distancing’ is a must in this situation.

While 22 out of 30 NBA league teams are gearing up to grace the 2019-2020 season, ESPN’s Malika Andrews covers the preparation for the same. She has posted several pictures on social media for people to see how the association is taking every measure to keep their staff and players safe. Of course, the decision of organizing the games amidst the pandemic is not a very easy one.

Well, they are making no mistakes to justify that their decision was not wrong. Reports of the paint job were already making the rounds in media. However, the full coverage was pending until July 21. Besides the court, the players had the choice to get a social justice message printed at the back of their jerseys. However, several players including LeBron James decided to do otherwise.

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How NBA Bubble Court Looks Right Now

The games for the upcoming 2019-2020 season will be held at the ESPN’s Wide World of Sports campus in Disney World. In here, every player will have to maintain proper social distancing, and it will be the same for the announcers as well. The announcers will have to sit in spaces enclosed with plexiglass shields. Therefore, the risk of any kind of infection will be very low.

On the other hand, the organizers have put up huge scoreboard screens. Since nobody will be able to watch the match live on the court, the scores will be visible even while watching the games on TV. Plus, there will be messages for all the viewers that will pop up on the scoreboard screens. Ultimately, the best part is that this kind of protection and bubble is working well for the NBA.

Everyone will be happy to know that there are no cases of COVID-19 in the NBA this week. In this context, Doc Rivers, coach of the Los Angeles Clippers said in jest that he feels the league is now capable of advising the President on how to control the pandemic. He laughed saying that probably they will send their game plan to President Trump soon.

Earlier, the situation went out of control when two players including Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets were tested positive for COVID-19. Later, when the in-market-testing was on, 19 more players were tested positive. Moreover, this was all after the teams had left for Orlando to prepare for the upcoming season. On the other hand, cases are still on the rise in California. So, everyone is advised to stay back at home as much as possible.

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