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Best Farming Spots In Wotlk Classic

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft Classic is full of exciting content and activities for players, including some very lucrative farming spots that can provide you with a regular supply of gold and resources. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or are grinding it out at higher levels, these top-tier farming spots will provide plenty of valuable loot – from rare crafting materials to moneymakers like Abyss Crystals – which will allow you to fund any future adventures! Get ready to reap the rewards as we explore some of the best farming spots of WotLK.

Best Farming Spots In Wotlk Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic brings a new level of excitement and adventure. You can access unique farming spots to help build your fortune as a player. While it’s only possible to talk about all the best locations by spending hours writing, one spot stands out above the rest – Stratholme. 

The undead city is full of monsters; when you kill them, they drop valuable loot like gold coins, armor, and weapons. You can also find many rare drops from elite mobs; these are especially good for selling on the open market for a tidy sum. Another favorite spot for farming is Scholomance. Here you will find lots of ghouls that drop ore, herbs and other crafting materials that you can use for yourself or sell for extra money. 

From Northrend to Stranglethorn Vale, it’s all up to personal preference, as even lower-level regions provide great items and rewards. Remember, have fun while farming and don’t stress out the search too much! Ultimately you’ll come across something worthwhile if you spend some time researching the best route. And if figuring this out is still a problem, you can always take wow classic carry service and let their experienced players do the job for you.

All in all, there are plenty of great farming opportunities in WoTLK Classic that can help you make a killing are given below.

Thor Modan in Grizzly Hills

Thor Modan in Grizzly Hills should be seriously considered for good opportunities to farm gold and experience World of Warcraft. Although it is meant for lower-level characters of level 59 or under, this farming spot offers great rewards for both gold and experience. It also provides a wealth of resources for crafting professions. For example, the nearby river is filled with salmon, which can be used to make fished dishes, as well as cloth dropped by thor modan dwarves needed for tailoring or enchanting tasks. This farming spot is often overlooked because of its remote location, but anyone willing to make the journey will find great benefits from visiting Thor Modan.

Venture Co. Excavator in Sholazar Basin

If you’re looking for the best farming spots in WoTLK Classic, look no further than Venture Co. Excavator in the Sholazar Basin! Not only are this spot’s mobs plentiful and relatively easy to handle, but they also drop a vast array of Green and Blue items that can be sold at a high price at the Auction House. Be warned; other players often camp on these Excavators, so divide and conquer as quickly as possible if you’re running in groups! While every server may see different success rates regarding farming at this spot, they all agree that it is one of the most lucrative throughout WoTLK Classic.

In The Storm Peaks

The Storm Peaks in World of Warcraft Classic’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion are filled with incredible farming spots, and one of the best can be found just below the Terrace of the Makers. Upon visiting this iconic area, you’ll quickly notice extensive spawning of Cavedweller Worgs, making it ideal for stocking up on Chilled Meat and Worg Haunches in great quantities. It’s a miner’s paradise! This is the place to go if you’re looking to beef up your inventory with high-quality crafting materials fast. With no shortage of Cavedweller Worgs available to slay, you can easily spend an afternoon harvesting these fine goods from the depths of The Storm Peaks.

In the K3 cave

The Storm Peaks is one of the most popular farming spots in WoTLK Classic, and for a good reason. Within the K3 cave, players can find an abundance of Iceweb Spider Silk dropped by Crystalweb Weavers that regularly spawn throughout the dungeon. For more determined adventurers, these spiders also have a chance to drop a rare item related to fishing – Rockfin Grouper! Not only does this make farming Iceweb Spider Silk from Crystalweb Weavers a rewarding experience, but it can provide a steady income for even inpatient farmers looking for quick rewards. Of course, make Back-Ups of your inventory just in case.


In the end, all it comes down to is personal preference when it comes to farming spots. Depending on what and how much you want to farm in WoW Classic, various spots throughout the game can offer what you’re looking for. Whether it’s Silithus or Uldaman, you will find the right spot for your personal needs.

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