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With the development of the cryptocurrency industry, many people strive to become a part of it and buy crypto, but don’t know where to begin their journey to the crypto world. This article will be helpful for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies efficiently.

Before buying crypto, you should know the crucial things:

  • Crypto prices are unstabe. They are not controlled, and they change following different internal and external factors. The volatility of crypto rates allows for numerous earning opportunities for traders and investors.
  • To check cryptocurrency rates live, look for crypto charts on some popular exchanges (for example, WhiteBIT).
  • Before investing in this or that project, read more information about its founders, essence, the usefulness of the project, what is the current crypto coin price, and how it changed. Here, technical analysis will help you.

Tech analysis includes learning crypto price charts and finding historical indicators, which will help understand how the asset behaves during different market movements.

To evaluate external factors affecting the asset, carry out fundamental research. It includes the analysis of the situation with the economy on a global scale, assessment of inflation level, etc.

Where to Get Information for Analysis?

To conduct research assessing a crypto project, you need an all-in-one resource with information and guides, and we have one to offer you. The WhiteBIT blog provides options to buy popular crypto with descriptions of projects and up-to-date crypto price. There is also a section with reviews of popular coins, their essence, technical details, founders, etc. If you want to receive news and updates from the crypto industry, go to the news block. Also, the blog offers different activities for the community, quizzes, etc. The educational block comprises articles on crypto topics and guides on how to trade, create your own NFT, add a card to your crypto exchange account, etc. Type your request in the search bar on the WhiteBIT blog and receive the needed information.

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