Where to Buy Youtube Views: Top Sites Reviewed for 2023

So you want to gain more visibility and boost your YouTube channel’s popularity, huh? Buying YouTube views is an easy way to do it. But with so many sites offering this service, how do you know which one is legit and will actually deliver real views from active YouTube users? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. We tested over a dozen of the top sites claiming to sell YouTube views and narrowed it down to the 3 best options based on quality, cost, and customer service. Whether you’re on a budget or want premium views fast, this guide will point you to the best place to buy YouTube views in 2023 so you can take your channel to the next level. Read on to find out which sites made the cut.

Why Buy YouTube Views? The Benefits for Your Channel

Buying YouTube views is a great way to give your channel a boost. Here are a few of the major benefits:

Increased Visibility

With more views, your videos will rank higher in YouTube’s search results and suggestion feeds. This means more people will discover your channel and subscribe.

Social Proof

Views signify popularity and interest in your content. When people see your videos have thousands or even millions of views, they’ll assume your channel is worth checking out. This “social proof” can attract new viewers and turn casual viewers into subscribers.

Higher Ranking

YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with more views, comments, likes and watch time. Buying views, especially in the beginning, tricks the algorithm into thinking your content is a hit. Your videos will rank higher in search results and suggestion feeds, gaining even more organic views and exposure.

Monetization Eligibility

To join the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money from ads, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Buying views can help you meet these minimum requirements faster so you can start monetizing your channel sooner.

Overall, buying YouTube views provides a lot of benefits for new and growing channels. When used strategically, it can be an effective way to increase your visibility, build social proof, rank higher in search results, and become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. The key is to buy high-quality views from a reputable service that provides real viewers and natural-looking view counts.

What to Look for in the Best Site to Buy YouTube Views in 2023

When choosing the best site to buy YouTube views in 2023, look for a few

key factors:


Make sure the site has been around for a while and has a solid reputation. Check online reviews from real customers to determine the company’s legitimacy and customer service. If something seems off, trust your instincts.

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Quality Views

Not all views are created equal. Look for a site that offers views from real YouTube accounts that actually watch and engage with your content. Fake bot views won’t help your channel and can get you into trouble.

Affordable Pricing

You want a good value for your money. Compare packages and prices across different sites to find an option that fits your budget. Some sites offer bulk discounts and promotions, so you may be able to find a deal.

Money-Back Guarantee

In case you’re not fully satisfied with the views you receive, choose a site that provides a refund policy. That way you can get your money back if the views don’t meet your expectations or don’t seem genuine.

24/7 Customer Support

Look for a site that provides helpful customer support in case you have any questions or issues. Support should be available through live chat, email, and phone for maximum convenience.

By checking these factors, you can feel confident you’ve found a reputable site to buy high-quality YouTube views and give your channel the boost it needs. With the right site on your side, gaining more views and building your audience has never been easier.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Places to Safely Buy Real YouTube Views

When it comes to buying YouTube views, there are many sites that promise the world but don’t actually deliver real views or high-quality service. We’ve done the research to find the top 5 places that provide real YouTube views and an overall great experience.

1. Buyyoutubviews.com

One of the best sites for purchasing YouTube views, Buyyoutubviews provides high-quality, targeted views to increase your video’s visibility and ranking. They offer views from a global network of real YouTube accounts at affordable prices. Packages start at just $2.99 for 100 views. They have 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

2. BuyRealViews

BuyRealViews specializes in providing real YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. They have been in business since 2013 and have a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, authentic engagement. Their views come from real YouTube accounts around the world. Prices are very reasonable, starting at just $3 for 100 views. They also offer bulk discounts for larger orders.

3. ViewExpert

ViewExpert focuses solely on providing YouTube views, likes and subscribers. They have over 5 years of experience delivering real views and engagement to customers. Their network of real YouTube accounts spans 150+ countries. You can buy anywhere from 100 views up to 50,000 views, with prices starting at just $2.97. They offer responsive customer support and a money-back guarantee.

4. YTView

Operating since 2015, YTView is a trusted source for purchasing real YouTube views. They work with a large network of YouTube users around the globe to deliver targeted views and increase your video’s exposure. Packages start at $2.99 for 100 high-quality views. They have great customer service and all views come with a money-back guarantee.

5. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert is a reputable site for buying YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments. They have been in business since 2014 and provide high-quality, real views to customers. Their prices are very affordable, starting at just $2.99 for 100 views. They have responsive 24/7 customer support and all views come with a money-back guarantee. ViewsExpert is a great option if you want to give your YouTube channel or video a boost in visibility and credibility.


Buying YouTube Views on a Budget – Get More for Less

Buying YouTube Views on a Budget – Get More for Less

When trying to grow your YouTube channel on a tight budget, buying views in bulk can be an affordable option. Several sites offer YouTube views at major discounts when purchased in large quantities. Here are some of the best ways to get more views for less.

Look for promo codes and coupons. Many sites like ViewsExpert, Famoid, and BuzzVoice frequently offer promo codes for 10-30% off your order. Do a quick search for “site name promo code” and you’re likely to find an active coupon to use at checkout.

Buy views in bulk. The more views you purchase at once, the lower the price per view. For example, 5,000 views may cost $40 total but 50,000 views could be only $300, dropping the per view price from $0.008 to $0.006. If you have the budget, buying in bulk is the most affordable approach.

Look for bundle deals. Some sites offer bundled packages of views plus likes, comments or subscribers. For example, 50,000 views plus 1,000 likes for $250. Buying a bundle can save you up to 50% versus purchasing everything individually. Bundles are a great way to quickly boost your engagement and gain real traction on YouTube.

Compare sites. Prices for YouTube views can vary significantly between different websites. Do some comparison shopping to find the site offering the best combination of low prices, high quality views, and good customer service. Most reputable sites will offer views for between $0.005 to $0.015 per view. Anything below or above that range may indicate lower quality.

With a little savvy shopping, you can gain thousands of high-quality YouTube views without breaking the bank. Buying in bulk, finding promo codes and bundle deals, and comparing sites are the keys to maximizing your views and minimizing costs. Growing your YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Frequently Asked Questions – Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing YouTube Views

Frequently Asked Questions – Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing YouTube Views

Have some questions before buying YouTube views? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most common FAQs to help put you at ease.

  • Will buying views get my channel banned? When done properly through a reputable service, purchasing YouTube views is allowed and will not get your channel banned. However, buying views to manipulate rankings or mislead viewers is against YouTube’s terms of service.
  • Are the views real people? High-quality view services use a combination of real viewers and bot views. Real viewers come from a network of people interested in the types of videos you upload. Bot views simulate real viewers to make the views appear more natural. The split between real and bot views depends on the package you choose.
  • How long does it take to receive my views? Most services deliver views within 1 to 3 days of your purchase. The exact delivery time depends on factors like the number of views purchased and availability. Rush delivery is sometimes available for an extra fee if you need views fast.
  • Will my views drop over time? Some minor view drop-off is normal due to YouTube’s filters identifying bot views or spam. However, most high-quality views from reputable services will be retained long-term. Choose a service with a view retention guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.
  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? Reputable view services will offer a money-back guarantee if views are not delivered as promised or you’re otherwise not satisfied. Be sure to check the refund policy before purchasing to avoid issues. Some services may require a minimum view retention period before issuing a refund.

If you have any other questions about buying YouTube views, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. They can walk you through the whole process and make sure all your questions are answered before you buy.

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