Top 5 Basketball Courts Near Me App for IOS

Basketball fans are often solving two problems to enjoy playing their favorite sport. One is about finding a team to hoop with, and the other is about searching out for a court. Moreover, the second one, even if it seems easy at first glance, can actually pose a real challenge. There may be tons of basketball courts in the city where you live, but they may be busy at a time convenient for you. And those that are free are too far away or inconveniently located.

Moreover, if basketball court surfaces are important to you, the choice narrows as not all offerings will have a safe surface. To prevent searching for a court from becoming a real headache, you can use special apps that allow you to not only quickly find a spot near you but also gather a perfect team to play with. Discover the amazing features of the best applications, and you won’t have to put off your favorite game until “someday later.”

Best Apps to Find Basketball Courts

The software market is full of original solutions that allow you to cope with any task. For different sports, such applications make it possible to unite fans, develop infrastructure, and, thereby, contribute not only to the preservation of the culture of the game but also to its dissemination.

  • Before the digital epoch, if a person moved to another city, leaving their basketball team behind, it was not easy to find like-minded people and basketball facilities in a new place.

  • Now, all you have to do is download a mobile application on iOS, and you can find anything — from the most ideally equipped basketball courts to the most exciting online casinos UK. The main question is which application is the most multifunctional and provides the most complete information about all the basketball facilities in your area.


Check out our review of the top five apps to help you optimize your search tasks and focus on what matters most — playing the game and honing your skills.

App Title

iPhone Compatibility



Local Hoops

iOS 12.1 or later

30.7 MB

Anywhere in the world


iOS 13.0 or later

14 MB


Chember ‒ Streetball & Courts

iOS 13.0 or later

54.3 MB

3,700 courts around the world

Courts of the World

iOS 11.0 or later

28.2 MB

40,000 local basketball courts in more than 200 countries

Fullcourt: Pickup Basketball

iOS 13.0 or later

34.9 MB

Over 25,000 worldwide basketball locations

Local Hoops

This app appeared at a time when basketball fans experienced a shortage of information and communication since there were not enough offers on the basketball subject on the software market yet. As Local Hoops developer Eric Furspan recalls, the idea for the app came up on Labor Day 2018, when he was returning from a game after winning in a 3-hour exciting match. He wondered why there weren’t apps that would help organize a basketball game, connect with like-minded people, and easily find a suitable court. That evening, the intensive work on the creation of such a useful digital instrument began, and its result was truly delightful.


Whether you have a team or are looking for pickup games, Local Hoops will tell you where to find both the court and the team. To use its help, do the following:

  • Download the application from the App Store and install it on your device.

  • Sign in with Apple, Google, Facebook, or your email.

  • The application will prompt you to use the search bar to indicate where you are looking for a court.

  • Enter the required address to receive many offers of both indoor and outdoor courts on a convenient map.

  • You can sort results by distance to consider the most optimal alternatives first.

  • By clicking on the court’s address, you will see its contacts and photo, which will help you evaluate whether this is the option you were looking for.

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This multifunctional application allows you to not only find a basketball court nearby but also meet enthusiastic companions and easily act as a match organizer:

  • You can join an existing team or a spontaneously gathered group of players by finding one in your area.

  • Organize your own company of basketball fans by using the “Create a game” function.

  • You can communicate with other players in private messages.

  • Indicate your attitude towards the games offered using the In, Out, or Undecided tags.

  • Read basketball news, see the schedule of local and global games, and much more.


The InfiniteHoops application is one of the oldest and, therefore, the most advanced. The mobile application for the iPhone was released back in 2011, and the web application — back in 2003. Therefore, the developers had enough time to make changes to it in accordance with user feedback.

Other Basketball Apps Released by InfiniteHoops App Provider

Broadside LLC, the company that brought this application to market, has other convenient software tools for basketball fans. In particular, coaches and instructors can take advantage of a convenient practice planner for basketball teams. The InfiniteHoops Practice app allows you to quickly create a sequence of exercises and tasks, write comments, attach videos, and share all these tasks with team members.

You may also like the InfiniteHoops Whiteboard app, which will be useful for illustrating the actions of players during a match. Each player will have their own color, and you can draw their routes simply with your finger. Once you’ve mapped out the players’ strategy for the match, you can save the whole plot to review it later or send it to your teammates.

Broadside LLC has even more basketball apps and is not going to stop there. It plans to release other, no less exciting applications. With their help, finding a court and a company, developing a strategy, and coordinating the actions of players becomes incredibly simple and encourages you to move on.

Chember — Streetball & Courts

Basketball lovers will highly appreciate the application from Ege Cavusoglu, which allows them to find streetball communities nearby, establish contacts with them, and arrange a common game. The app has a wide user base of 28,192 players and 876 teams worldwide, meaning you can easily find passionate basketball fans in your region. After downloading the application, you can create your profile, in which you indicate:

  • Location;

  • Physical characteristics;

  • Number of years in basketball;

  • Experience playing as a forward or guard;

  • Your strengths, etc.

Creating such a profile simplifies communication when selecting a team of players. After all, you won’t have to answer the same typical questions all the time!


The application offers a convenient 3D map on which you can search for a court, as well as detailed information on each of the found options. You will be able to find out the covering material, the general state of the court, and other details. And if, when you come to the court, you see that the place differs from what is indicated in the app, you can capture it in a photo and send it to the support service or upload it directly to the app to let other players know. Information about the status of basketball facilities is updated in accordance with reviews and comments from visitors.

Courts of the World

Traveling around the world on business or tourist trips, as well as moving to a new place of residence, you will not miss your favorite hobby if you have a CourtFinder app called Courts of the World. It will find you the most convenient court for playing basketball, behind whatever high fence it may be hidden. There are many types of basketball facilities to choose from:

  • Schools

  • Public parks

  • Universities

  • Playgrounds

  • Other streetball court locations


CourtFinder brings you comprehensive information about basketball courts around the world near you:

  • Detailed map with basketball courts marked on it;

  • Address and route to the site from the place where you are situated;

  • Reviews from other players and numerous photos;

  • Ratings of the best courts in the world;

  • Weather: minimum and maximum temperatures, atmospheric conditions, and wind patterns.

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Fullcourt: Pickup Basketball

To be even more useful for its users, the Fullcourt: Pickup Basketball app adds several more original features to other already familiar ones, such as a map, a detailed description of basketball courts, the ability to communicate with other players, etc.:

  • Statistics in the form of graphs that reflect peak times for each day of the week;

  • The opportunity to find out how many players are currently gathered on the court for the game.

This information will be valuable when deciding when exactly to plan a match, whether it is worth visiting the site spontaneously in the hope of finding a company there to play, or whether it is better to make an arrangement with someone in advance.


This application was developed with the participation of NBA & Collegiate players, so you can be sure that it provides the most complete information necessary to make a decision.

Join a Pickup Game of Basketball with the Best Court Finding Apps

Playing basketball has many benefits: it allows you to not only relax and relieve stress but also improve your physical fitness. When you choose pickup games, you also get the opportunity to socialize and establish contacts with like-minded people. Such games have many advantages:

  • They do not oblige you to anything. If you don’t come to the court next time, you won’t feel the burden of responsibility that happens when a player leaves a close-knit team.

  • You can always find a company to play with. To do this, just find the site closest to you in the app and see how many people are currently there, or contact other players in advance.

  • While participating in pickup games, you will meet a variety of partners and opponents. You will be able to learn from those who have more advanced playing skills. Conversely, you will become a role model for those who have not yet reached your skill level.

  • In such games, there is no judge or referee, which means they are more democratic and relaxed. You won’t feel like you have another boss judging you when you come to the court.

  • If you have children, this is a great opportunity to spend leisure time together and introduce them to a healthy lifestyle. And if your children are already independent, you can safely let them go to the playground themselves, knowing that they will end up in worthy company.


And if you haven’t found a company for playing at a time convenient for you, this is not a reason to postpone the game. Use the app to find the most convenient court near you and go there, taking your ball. Playing alone allows you to develop certain skills that can later be demonstrated effectively when playing in a team. Moreover, you may be lucky, and soon, other players will come on the site, who were also nearby and, using the application, found out that there is someone there who wants to hoop today.


If you need a multifunctional basketball court locator, pay attention to these applications. They are not limited to any country but allow you to travel around the world with the same application and be sure that in any area, you will know about all the available basketball courts. In addition to finding a court, you will learn all the details about it, including the size, material and condition of the surface, etc. You will also be able to join a local team, pick a game, or organize your own company of players. Never before has organizing a match been so simple as with the advent of these applications. Thanks to them, the community of basketball fans has become even more united and active.

Also, note that all of these apps are free, which also promotes greater integration of the basketball community. You can contribute to improving these applications by adding photos and videos of the sites you’ve visited, as well as leaving ratings and comments about your gaming experience. And if you find some court that is not on the application map, be sure to share this information with other users. Perhaps, some other active players are nearby and would be happy to join your game.

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