recruitment agency and their importance


Corporations need competent employees, however the act of hiring can be complex and generate a series of complications when not done correctly. In addition, not all companies have an exclusive sector for this action, so the best way out is to hire a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency  is responsible for all legal procedures that involve the hiring of an employee, so they need to have an efficient and specialist team in the industry, only then will it be possible to find the ideal candidate for each of the vacancies presented by clients.Today in this article we will be seeing Recruitment agency and their importance.

How work is done in a recruitment agency 

To begin with, a recruitment agency evaluates all resumes received and draws a parallel between the requirements demanded by the vacancy and the competences of the candidates. Then, human resources professionals apply tests and conduct interviews in order to meet people and assess whether the profiles fit correctly as requested by customers.  In this sense, companies that hire through a recruitment agency have greater practicality and convenience, because they do not need to deal with the entire selection process and even then they will be sure to receive the best employee. In addition, there are agencies that, in addition to recruiting, also offer qualification training, that is, a complete package that is also very economical. 

External recruitment

It is the most traditional recruitment model. It is based on the search for professionals who are outside the company (that is, in the labor market) and occurs with conventional selection methods, such as face-to-face interviews and group dynamics. To perform external recruitment, the first step is to create a good job description. As the candidates will be out of the company and the objective is to attract those who have the minimum competencies, it is necessary to make it very clear what those skills are. There are some advantages associated with external recruitment. For example, the large volume of candidates per vacancy and the possibility of attracting great talents. However, there are also disadvantages, such as the devaluation of employees who are already part of the company. In this traditional model, activities take place in person, involving interviews, dynamics, games and tests, which take place within the company. If, on the one hand, it guarantees contact with the candidates for the vacancy, on the other hand it prevents the participation of some professionals.

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Internal recruitment

He does not look for professionals who are in the job market, but looks for those who are already inside the company. In this case, it consists of a process of promotion or transfer of the current employees. Imagine that a sales manager retires. Its place is vacant and needs to be replaced urgently. When using internal recruitment, the selection process will be carried out with those who are already part of the company, such as the most qualified salespeople, for example. In this type of screening, the selection methods change slightly. As the talents are already known, there is no need for so many activities – such as dynamics or interviews. In general, feedback from the immediate superior and the latest performance evaluations are used a lot. There are advantages and disadvantages involved. The main advantage is the possibility of motivating the team and selecting those who already embrace the organizational culture. The disadvantage is not having “new blood”, that is, people who are different from current employees.

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