LeBron James in football

LeBron James in Football Leaves All NBA Fans in the State of Shock

The legendary basketball player LeBron James almost entered football at one point in his life. LeBron James in football is shocking not just for his fans but for people in general. He is a basketball star and is seen as a natural born basketball player. Hence, imagining him in any other sport seems a bit absurd. Especially since he is one of the best basketball players in the world. However, he admitted that there was a point of time in life where he thought of playing football. Read on to find out what extraordinary circumstances would have led to this.

What circumstances would have led to LeBron James in football

In the year 2011, the NBA suffered a lockout. Teams could not sign players or issue fresh contracts. Teams couldn’t even trade or contact existing players. NBA trainers, facilities, and staff were all inaccessible to the players. This happened because the collective bargaining agreement of 2005 fell through and expired in 2011. During the lockout, the contracts of all players are temporarily suspended and nobody gets paid. This lockout ended up lasting 161 days. After this, a new agreement was signed and things got back to normal.

During this phase of his life, LeBron James though of playing football instead of Michael Jordan. LeBron James revealed this during his podcast called Uninterrupted. He had even started doing some Football workouts amidst his normal workout routine. They added more sled and exercises like bench presses to LeBron’s normal workout. His trainer Mike Mancias and LeBron James started working on the football angle along with the normal workouts. They did this because nobody knew till when the lockout would go on. Since the lockout was not resolved by October or November, they started looking at football. LeBron even got a contract from Jerry Jones and Mav Carter to play football professionally. Jerry Jones was the owner of Dallas Cowboys and was interested in signing LeBron James.

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LeBron framed the offer he got from Jerry Jones and put it up in his office. LeBron James has been playing football in high school and had even gotten an offer from Notre Dame. This would have made a switch to football and NFL easy for LeBron James. LeBron says that he still has dreams in which he plays football. Not exactly play per se because in his dreams he is never on the field. He dreams about being in the locker room or talking about his fans. His dream never gets to the part where he is on the field and playing football.

Final Thoughts

Had LeBron shifted to the NFL, the future of the NBA would never have been the same? LeBron was a part of the Miami Heat team when the lockout happened. The NBA has a short season after the lockout is over. It was in this season that LeBron won his first-ever NBA championship. Had he shifted to playing football, he would have never been able to win the championship. His fans are sure to be glad that he is sticking to Basketball.

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