How long should a tumble track be?

How long should a tumble track be?

An air tumble track is a great way to get some exercise at home, especially if you love tumbling and gymnastics. The air inside the tumble track provides a powerful and bouncy take-off, while also ensuring a soft landing. This extra height also allows you to practice tumble series that you wouldn’t be able to do on a normal gym mat or the floor. In addition, it’s also a great piece of equipment for learning or practicing new tricks and skills.


At GymPlay we pride ourselves in having a wide range of inflatable tumble tracks for sale, perfect for any level of gymnast. Our H10-models are a great choice for beginner and young gymnasts, with a height of only 10 cm. These models come go now in different lengths, ranging from 3 to 8 meters, making them easy to set up and pack down when you’re on the go. Because these types of air tumble tracks are so lightweight, even a small gymnast can carry and set up the track on their own. However, we always recommend having an adult present when tumbling, and to avoid tumbling too close to furniture or walls.

When you use an inflatable tumble track, you’ll immediately notice the difference between this and a regular, flat gym mat. You’ll land softer if you make a mistake, and you’ll also be able to get more height on your tumbles. Not to the same extent as a jumping pillow or trampoline, but still enough to practice more complex tumbles than on a normal mat. An air track mat is great for both tumbling and gymnastics.

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One way it can be utilized is in the garden. You usually have more space in your garden, so when using a tumble track here, you can get a bigger one. Additionally, it is often safer and easier to tumble outdoors because you have higher ceilings if you want to tumble indoors.

If you have a room in your home that is spacious with high ceilings, you can easily use an airtrack inside. This way, you can do gymnastics regardless of the weather outside

Small gymnasts who are just starting to tumble would benefit from a H10-model, whilst larger and more experienced gymnasts would prefer an H20-model.

The FlipZ Airtracks are ideal for tumbling at home and were specifically developed for home use. They’re low-cost Airtracks, making them affordable for most people, and a great way to get started with building your own tumble track for home use.

If you’re looking for an affordable tumble track, our FlipZ series is perfect for you. These tracks meet the same quality standards as our GymPlay models, but are offered at a lower price.. Our FlipZ models also come with a 1-year warranty.

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