4 Unforgettable Sports to Play in the Caribbean

Relaxed and fun-loving are certainly two of the most important defining characteristic traits of people in the Caribbean. However, all that relaxation and calmness goes out of the window when it comes to sports in the Caribbean. People in these island nations share much love and appreciation for many different types of sporting events. 

This contradicts the common misconception that watersports like waterskiing and windsurfing are the only sporting experiences in the Caribbean. People there love playing golf at the Montego Bay golf courses, apart from other sports like cricket and soccer. So let’s do away with these misconceptions and check out the four unforgettable sports you can play in the Caribbean. 

1. Cricket

Unlike most countries in the Western Hemisphere, cricket is very popular in the Caribbean countries. Most of these countries have players in the integrated cricket team, West Indies, that represents all the Caribbean nations. Moreover, the West Indies cricket team has an excellent reputation in the international cricket community. This team also plays a significant role in establishing a stronger bond between people from Caribbean countries.   

Like most former English colonies, the British introduced cricket into the Caribbean. However, back then, the local population was not allowed to participate in the game since it was seen as a sport for rich white men. In 1806, the first cricket club, St Anne’s in Barbados, was established in the Caribbean. Soon many new cricket clubs began to spring up in the Caribbean islands, making it a more mainstream sport. 

By the start of the 20th century, it was the first time when some local Caribbean population also started playing cricket. There were also regular cricket matches between the West Indies and England cricket teams. The West Indies team further went on to defeat the England team by the 1930s, and the team later became world champions by the other half of the century. So make sure you take some time to enjoy cricket in the Caribbean and embrace the sport’s history in the region.    

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2. Soccer

Soccer or “Football” is undoubtedly one of the most watched forms of sports in the world, and the Caribbean is no exception on this front. As with almost every sport on these islands, even football is crucial in uniting the region’s people. No matter where you are in the Caribbean, you will always find people seeking to give their opinion on the game. 

As a result, a little knowledge of football can go a long way in the Caribbean, especially when you are looking to strike up a conversation with someone. Many even go as far as to say that football is among the most popular sports in the Caribbean; this does not seem very surprising when you see many children playing football where ever they can find a little space or even in big fields.    

Another important thing to note about football in the Caribbean is people there generally support Premier League teams. As a result, you will likely see beach bars or clubs showing some of the biggest games. So if you are a football fan visiting the Caribbean, you will not miss your game. You can even consider discussing the game and even playing with the locals, who are never reluctant to welcome tourists to join them.   

3. Golf 

Golf is another highly popular sport in the Caribbean and almost every part of the world. This should not come as a surprise, considering golf has long been known as one of the most popular past times in the Caribbean. Resorts in the Caribbean have some of the most breathtaking golf courses you will ever see. 

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Whether you are a beginner to golf or an experienced golfer who knows their way around a golf ball, you can always enjoy the game on the islands. One of the most important reasons behind this is that Caribbean golf courses have fantastic scenic views. So make sure you stroke a golf ball on your next visit to the Caribbean.  

4. Baseball 

Baseball is very popular in the Caribbean primarily because of the American influence on the islands. People in the Caribbean are only second to the Americans when it comes to sharing their love for the exciting and fast-paced sport. Therefore, it is fair to say that you will not miss your baseball game if you plan to visit the Caribbean anytime soon. 

Another interesting fact about baseball in the Caribbean is that the Dominican Republic is one of the best-known countries for its love for baseball. The game has been top-rated in the country since 1916, when the island was under US occupation. The two biggest baseball teams in the Dominican Republic have been around since 1911 and possibly even earlier.      

If you are going out to the Caribbean for your winter vacation, you can enjoy the sun in the Dominican Republic while enjoying your baseball game. You can even check out the famous baseball sporting event, the Caribbean Winter League. The league is an excellent place to scout young baseball talents from the region. So you can even take the opportunity to play with the locals in case of any baseball game near your location. 

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!  

The Caribbean nations have much more to offer than scenic beauty and amazing food. With highly talented people inhabiting these islands, sport is a major uniting factor in the region. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that sports fans from all over the globe can make the most of their visit to the Caribbean while playing their favorite sports.    

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