Kelvin Cato

    Kelvin Cato

    Age Rookie
    23.455y (23y/5m/13d)
    University of South Alabama, Iowa State University
    Dallas Mavericks, 1st round (15th pick, 15th overall)
    255 lb
    211 cm / 6'11 ft
    August 26, 1974
    Rookie Game
    usa United States
    Power Forward
    Points per game
    Assists per game
    Rebounds per game

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    College: college the player attended;
    Draft: team, round, pick in round, overall pick;
    Weight: weight in pounds;
    Height: height in cm / ft-inches;
    All-Stars: number of All-Star Game selections (includes selections if player was not able to play);
    Hall of Fame: year in which player was inducted to Basketball Hall of Fame;
    Age Last: age when played the last All-Star Game;
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    Gap Debut/Last: time between first and last All-Star Game;
    MVP: number of All-Star MVP awards;
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    Competitions: All-Star Game and/or Rookie Game;
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