Young Goalie of Blue Jackets Dies Due to Firework Accident

Young Goalie of Blue Jackets Dies Due to Firework Accident

Young goalie of Blue Jackets, Matīss Kivlenieks, took his last breath on Sunday, July 4. He was merely 24 years old when a devastating firework struck his chest at his coach Manny Legace’s home. He was enjoying his vacation in Michigan’s Novi as it was independence day.

The goalie belonged to Latvia and was in his second year since the Blue Jackets signed him in 2019. Kivlenieks had played in two matches for Columbus during this playing season.

According to authorities, fireworks mortar suddenly directed towards a group present at that party. They were in the hot tub when it struck Kivlenieks.

Immediately the rescuers went to the accident scene. They had taken Matiss to a medical facility immediately. Unfortunately, doctors were not able to save his life.

Kivlenieks loses life due to fireworks

The legal authorities are investigating the whole investment, and yet there is nothing suspicious. They perceive it as a mere accident as they said that it was only tragic that something like this occurred.

Initially, the police thought Matiss’s cause of death was due to falling. But the medical analyst has stated that firework took the young goalie’s life in Michigan, and he had a fatal injury due to the accident.

Blue Columbus jackets mourned for their goalie

Blue Jackets released a statement saying that they lost their dearest goaltender. They are in immense shock due to this loss of their brilliant young goalie. The team sent condolences to the deceased family. They also expressed that the team will always remember him wishing his soul may rest in peace.

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Jarmo Kekalainen, the team’s general manager, had a heavy heart. He expressed that life can be surprisingly fragile yet so precious. Finally, he said that the team would miss Kivlenieks. The boy lost his life too soon.

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