Sports Betting Ahead NBA Season

Which States Will Allow Sports Betting Ahead of the New NBA Season?

With just over a month to go before the 2021-22 NBA season starts, there is a lot to be excited about. The league is returning to its regular scheduling after the interruptions seen over the last two years, something that almost all fans are happy about. This article tells us about the changes started from the last season in NBA league and how sports betting ahead of the new NBA season.

In the 76th running of the NBA, the league has decided to use the play-in tournament ahead of the main playoffs as was pioneered last season. This will see teams ranked 7th through 10th compete for a place in the playoff games, creating more action for fans to watch. 

Another thing that’s changed since the start of last season is the number of states that allow sports betting. More of them have legalized the popular pastime, meaning millions more Americans will be able to bet on the outcome of games and place futures wagers on things like which team will win the NBA championship or which teams will make it into the playoffs. 

With the Nets, Lakers, and Bucks all having great NBA betting odds ahead of the season we’re likely to see a close race for the championship, which is likely to encourage more fans to have a flutter. 

If you are one of these fans, here are all the states you can legally bet on the NBA 2021-22 season in. 


Nevada shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – it’s the state most synonymous with sports betting and has been one of few places where the activity has been legal for decades. 

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New Jersey

New Jersey is another state where casinos and other forms of betting are incredibly popular. Sports betting has only been possible in the state since 2018, but it’s the state with the most online sportsbooks, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when betting in NJ. 


Arkansas allows sports betting but only in physical sportsbooks. There are currently only two locations in the state where you can currently place wagers; this may change in the future but not in time for the new NBA season. 


Like Arkansas, Delaware only allows betting in physical sportsbooks. 


Online sports betting became possible in Illinois in June 2020, meaning its fans have had one and a half basketball seasons of wagering so far. 


Michigan has only recently launched its online sports betting, so fans in the state are excited to give it a go ahead of the 2021-22 season.


Oregon has allowed online sports betting since 2019, but this is done through the state lottery. Some in-person betting is also allowed at casinos


Mississippi has allowed sports betting from a smartphone since August 2018, though it can only be done when you’re physically located inside a sportsbook. 


Like Mississippi, sports betting in Montana is only allowed inside physical sportsbooks. 

New Hampshire

Online sports betting launched at the end of 2019, a few months into the 2019-20 season. There’s only one company operating, so there’s not as much choice, but fans still enjoy betting on the NBA. 

New Mexico

New Mexico allows sports betting but only inside physical sportsbooks. 

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New York

New York only allows betting in physical sportsbooks, though this is likely to change sometime before the end of the upcoming NBA season. 


Indiana launched sports betting in September 2019, just before that year’s NBA season began. More than $200 million is wagered most months and will likely go even higher when basketball starts again. 


Like Indiana, Iowa has allowed sports betting since 2019. It has no team of its own, but this has not stopped Iowans betting on the NBA for two years. 

North Carolina

North Carolina is another state with only in-person betting. 


Pennsylvania has allowed sports betting since 2018 and is one of the biggest markets for basketball wagering in the USA. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island allows online betting but the market is small and, online, one sportsbook operates. 


Tennessee is the only state with online-only sports betting. This will be its second full season of operation. 

West Virginia

West Virginia has been offering sports betting since August 2019. 


Colorado launched online sports betting in 2020 and has many of the biggest brands operating within its borders already. This will be the second full NBA season where betting has been allowed.


Virginia launched sports betting in January 2021, so this will be the first full NBA season where wagering has been permitted. 

Washington D.C.

It’s a little complicated in D.C., but sports betting is legal, though only at select locations. 

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