NBA Dream Team

What’s your NBA Dream Team?

NBA or National Basketball Association might be an American basketball league but it has fans across the world. Every year during NBA championships, millions of people across the world tune in to watch their favourite stars and clubs fight it out among themselves. The NBA dream team is composed of 30 basketball teams that fight it out every year for the title. 

While the teams compete with each other on the court, the fans are also mostly putting their money on the games or on their favourite players. It’s probably the best a fan can do unless they want to opt for some other career in sports like these options. Fans these days also have the option of playing NBA video games where you can make your own team and compete with other players across the world.

There are also virtual championships on the internet where you can submit your NBA dream team and compete in virtual championships. Having said all this, if you had an opportunity to make your NBA dream team, what would it look like? We weighed in all the options and came up with this list of your NBA Dream team. 

Michael Jordan

This name is the most obvious and will be there on everyone’s list for all the same reasons. There has never been a greater basketball player than Michael Jordan. Known popularly as His Airness, Michael Jordan set some crazy records in the NBA and was solely responsible for the sport’s surge in popularity back in the 1980s. Some of his matches are nothing short of being legendary, especially the ones against Utah Jazz. His fandom was so massive that only recently there was an auction where his pair of Air Jordan shoes that he wore for his last match sold for a record $437000.

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Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen was one of the important figures of the Chicago Bulls team along with Michael Jordan who actually changed the team’s fortunes. Pippen played 17 NBA seasons out of which he was part of six championship wins. He is also the only player to win both an NBA as well as an Olympic title in the same year not just once but twice.

John Stockton

John Stockton played for Utah Jazz and holds the record for most steals and assists. He has been named in the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players and has always remained loyal to Utah. In any dream team, he would be regarded as one of the best options of a point guard. 

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is a legendary basketball player who represented the LA Lakers as point guard for over 13 seasons. Magic Johnson has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame twice and was also part of the Dream Team that won the Olympic title in 1992.

Apart from these three names, we have to mention legends like Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, David Robinson and Charles Barkley. These are all players who were also part of the Olympic winning team from the 1990s. Do they feature in your dream team as well?

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