Ways To Make Home Livable

Ways To Make Your Home Livable for Multiple Generations

Life has changed for everyone post-pandemic. Now, grandparents, parents, young and adult kids live in the same home due to the fear of infection and the associated complications. They want to stay together and spend quality time with each other. And since most offices and schools are operating online, it has become convenient to stay together. One doesn’t have to worry about traveling or daily exertions so much. But for everyone to live in peace, it is essential to have a comfortable home with privacy and no crowding. Everyone should be able to laugh together and get me time too. What are the ways to make your home livable for multiple generations? So, here are a few suggestions in this regard. 


A large family means lots of cooking and sharing meals. It can be possible to enjoy this experience when your kitchen feels more connected and accommodating. For example, you can think about installing a country sink in the kitchen. Then, you can also imagine having different sizes of countertops – some lower and others higher. It will allow family members to partake in food preparations without their height being the barrier. Just imagine a scenario where kids and grandparents cook together. Wouldn’t you want to cherish this scene for the rest of your life? 

Besides, short height people can struggle to reach overhead cabinets. They may have to jump on the countertop to get the stuff down, but if you get cabinets that open at the press of the button and come down, it can be fantastic. These motorized cabinets can also be a luxurious touch to your kitchen. But motors can charge about $7,000. Hence, you would want to check your budget as well.

Another helpful addition can be a family communication center. For instance, you can imagine buying a fridge you can view from your phone app while at the grocery to know what you need to stock and what to avoid. Since many people live in the same place, it is quite natural to run out of a few ingredients and not even realize this. Of course, it is a hi-tech appliance. But its contribution to your extensive family environment can be matchless. Next, if you are looking for valuable yet straightforward addition, you can choose a big framed dry-erase whiteboard. Hang it on one side of the kitchen wall where family members can notify about their schedules and get reminders.

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In a home where seniors live, you have to make your bathroom space most comfortable and safe for them. Grab bars near toilet and tub areas can be a thoughtful addition. You can install a walk-in shower and remove the old tub and shower to make your bath space accessible for everyone regardless of age and health. Some experts suggest that having heat lamps in these areas can also benefit older generations as they often feel cold after showering. And in winters, it can be everyone’s favorite. So, it is a quick fix solution for all. Apart from this, consider adding handheld showers. Whether someone has mobility challenges or a fit body, it can offer them an easy bathing experience. 

Just make sure your bathroom is spacious enough. Older people may need assistance with their daily bathing rituals. That’s why the size of the restroom becomes critical. Additionally, you can consider getting an oversized vanity with a sprawling countertop where all the toiletries can stand comfortably. No one would need to stoop to pick items from the lower cabinets. 

Private corners

Undoubtedly, staying together is a beautiful and comforting feeling. But as said already, everyone needs personal space. Unfortunately, contemporary open-floor home designs can lack this element. Hence, it is better to copy older home formats that contained purpose-built rooms. These could be smaller, but they allow every member to have some time for themselves, which positively impacts one’s mental and physical health. Also, whether someone has to go on a Zoom call for school or office work, everything can happen smoothly without any interference. 

Does it seem like a lot of renovation work? You can instead identify areas and install pocket doors to create sections. Or, you can use thick curtains to carve distinct corners as needed. It can be a good trick where kids and the elderly share the roof. Thick draperies help muffle the noise in the shared household. Due to noise issues, some people convert garages into rooms for kids and teens. They can play there when others enjoy their nap in the afternoon. 

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Earlier, when you played music or turned on a TV channel, the sound would travel every part of the house, becoming a disturbance for someone focused on some critical task. Today, headphones and earbuds are there to address this concern. 


A safe house will have adequate to excellent lighting conditions—the elderly need about 70% more light than younger generations. For them, you can get lamps and suitable lighting fixtures. Make sure you take care of the cords to avoid the risk of falls. As per interior experts, LED light strips with adhesive backs can be a sound choice. You can trust them to brighten any area easily. Also, they don’t consume much energy. While working on this part, you must make sure that bathroom paths have proper lights for nighttime. Nowadays, even advanced bulbs are available. They light up at the voice command. It can be pretty convenient for senior age groups. 

However, some people may still forget how these work. So even if you buy these systems, focus on something that consists of manual switch connections. These will connect with bulbs through Wi-Fi. You don’t have to bother about wiring also. Unlike traditional light switches, they need a Velcro base to stick. Besides, you can adjust the light intensity based on who uses it. For example, kids don’t need as bright light as seniors. You can lower them by 70%. When installing lights, focus on every corner, such as a staircase, showers, countertops, etc. 

All these tweaks can sound too much. But if you wish your home to have multigenerational qualities, you need to opt for them.

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