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Watching NBA After the Basketball Season Restarts on July 30

The basketball season of NBA games came to an abrupt hall due to the increasing effects of the novel coronavirus over the world. Besides, the league had to close down all plans and functions temporarily on March 11 when Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was tested positive for COVID-19. When the incident took place, 60 games in the 82- game season was already over, and the players were all gearing up for the playoffs.

Lately, hundreds of players who are chosen to play in the league are quarantining in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. Along with the players are present some of the NBA staff and team coaches. As the games restart, 22 out of 30 teams of the league will get the opportunity to compete and win the finals title of 2020.

According to the news on July 20, the NBA was happy to make an official announcement. None of the 346 players who were a part of the “restart bubble” showed any symptoms. However, there were still concerns regarding family health, logistical issues, and injuries that could have restricted players to join teams at the last moment. Moreover, the league is being flexible when it comes to allowing players to reach out to their families in cases of emergency and then join back with proper measures.

Scrimmages of NBA restart exclusively on NBA League Pass and NBA Tv

Right from July 22, the scrimmage games were being aired straight from the restart bubble. The telecast is happening on NBA League Pass and NBA TV. Moreover, a total of 28 games have been shown by July 28 already. You can find the scrimmage timings and schedule on the official NBA page. Despite such effort, there is only a possibility of covering half of the total 33 scrimmages.

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The game season of 2019-2020 started on July 30 with a doubleheader. The first matches were the Utah Jazz Vs. the New Orleans, and the Los Angeles Lakers Vs. the LA Clippers. Both the games were airing in TNT. There is a complete plan according to which all the 22 teams will get to play eight seeding games. These are all parts of the restart bubble. By the end of this, the 16 qualifying teams will be declared, and they will start preparing for the playoffs. The seeding games will begin on Friday, August 14, and will take place daily.

List of the broadcast stations

The precise schedule and information about the games have been posted by the NBA. The programs are starting on August 12. The post includes all the available stations and the detailed timings of the games. Both August 15 and 16 will witness play-in playoff games. It will be an exceptional case. It is only possible if more than two teams tie in the rankings by the end of the regular basketball season.

Some of the games will also be aired on ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. The local stations that have affiliations will also have the license to broadcast the seeding games of their respective teams. If you are opting for LIVE streaming to enjoy the NBA games, you can switch to Hulu+, AT&T TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

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