Understanding Crossword Clues

Understanding Crossword Clues in Few Steps

Have you got a new hobby of solving crossword puzzles? Solving these games is exciting and fun at the same time. However, many beginners fail to understand the tricks of this game. It happens because of the lack of knowledge. In this article, you will be understanding.

If you are having the same problem, we are here to help you out. You might know that solving crossword puzzles can improve your language ability, vocabulary, and more things. Hence, this game is popular as one of the best brain games. 

The best thing is you can play crosswords online. Yes, many popular magazines and newspapers provide free games on their official portals. Moreover, you can use some websites like crossword answers 911 for getting clues and answers. 

In the following, we will cover some easy steps to understand crossword clues. We are also covering how to read clues. So, it can be easy for you. Let’s get started in understanding crossword clues. 

How to Read Crossword Clues

To understand a crossword puzzle, you need to learn how to read clues. Even if it looks tricky, you can easily find clues by applying some tips. The best thing about crossword puzzles is a clue will always be fair, even if it takes a while to complete the answer.

That’s the reason you need to learn some clues such as cross-referenced and tense. If you are trying an online crossword, you can get more clues. For example, if the clue is in a particular tense, the answer has to be similar. 

If it’s difficult to read clues, you can start with the mini version of crossword. Many famous newspapers and magazines provide mini crossword versions on their online portals. Hence, these portals have a great word games collection. You can try them out. 

How to Solve Crosswords With Clues

Now, you know how to read a crossword puzzle’s clues. When it comes to solving, it could be difficult for some people. That’s why we are covering how to solve a word puzzle game with understanding clues. Let’s find out:

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1. Try to Learn

Learning is the most essential factor when you are playing a crossword puzzle. If you are a beginner, you should look up the answers to learn the clues. Well, in many cases, it’s considered cheating. However, it can be helpful to improve your skills.

If you are a beginner, getting stressed is very common. That’s why you can check the answer. However, it does not mean you are checking the answer section for every box. 

2. Solve With a Friend

Collaboration can make things easier, and it’s also applicable for crossword puzzles. Solving a word game with your friend not only is not only exciting but you can improve your skills as well. 

Your friend knows something that you don’t while you know something that he or she doesn’t. So, it would be easier to solve a puzzle game. You can also ask your family members. This is a good excuse to spend time together.  

3. Take a Break

As we noted above, stressing out is common when you are solving a crossword puzzle. It happens with everyone at some point. You will feel stuck when the puzzle is hard or you can find a clue. 

Taking a break is the best thing at that time. In most cases, your brain will work even if you are not solving the crossword. So, when you find the clue, come back and complete the game. 

4. Crossword Theme

You might know that there are several themed crosswords. Many magazines and online portals are providing hard-themed puzzles. Basically, themed puzzles are harder compared to traditional crosswords. 

So, we always suggest beginners start with simple traditional puzzles. On the other hand, it can be hard to find clues when you are choosing a themed crossword. In fact, you can start with a mini puzzle game. 

5. Be Strategic While Playing

When you can read the clues, you have to be strategic while playing a crossword puzzle. No matter if you are an expert or just starting off, you need to be strategic. Be it choosing the right puzzle to find the right clue. 

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If you have a problem, you can find some online portals that share clues and answers. Moreover, you can search for some strategies before you start playing a crossword puzzle.

6. Focus on Small Entries

To solve a crossword puzzle, you should focus on small entries. You should know that a word game includes both small and long words. If you are using longer words, it could be difficult. 

However, small entries can make things easier. Hence, many experts are solving small word entries to improve their vocabulary. It will help you break open more grids. Eventually, you can get more clues by focusing on small entries. 

7. Focus on Multi-Word Answers

Another thing you can do to get more clues of a crossword puzzle is focusing on multi-word answers. Well, most crossword puzzles include multi-word answers nowadays. 

So, you can say this type of answer is very common right now. You can even ask an expert to get clues to solve these multi-word answers crosswords. Be it a song name or a movie title, the clues can be very interesting when you are solving the puzzle. 

8. Check Rules

Checking rules is one of the best strategies when you are trying a new crossword puzzle. If you are playing an online crossword, you can also read terms and conditions. Well, game rules depend on how the editor had planned the puzzle and the theme of the puzzle.

When you are checking rules, you can get clues as well. Moreover, many experts use this method to get more clues. 


Finally, you know how to understand crossword clues and solve the game. These steps are good for beginners but if you are an expert, they can be helpful as well. Make sure you are making fewer mistakes while solving a crossword. You can also use a pencil to get an accurate result. For more information, you can start your research. 

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