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Do you want to follow all events in the Italian football? Then be sure to visit the sports statistics website. Here, today live socer results are covered in as much detail as possible. It is easy to follow the games of Inter, which experienced many changes this summer.

Thus, Lukaku, Hakimi, Young, as well as the head coach Antonio Conte have left the Nerra Zurri. Plus the further career of Christian Eriksen is in question. However, the reigning champion of Italy was noted for a number of interesting signings. So, this summer, the following players became members of Inter:

  • Chalkhanoglu;
  • Dumfries;
  • Dzeko.

Joaquin Correa can be distinguished among the latest signings. 

How the transfer of the Argentine striker will affect the live soccer results of Inter? You will find it out today on the website of sports statistics. All data is presented here, which is updated live.

The Argentine forward is clearly an idea of the team’s new coach Simone Inzaghi. He knows Correa well from his work at Lazio. It was the Roman club that Joaquin left. So far, his transfer has taken place on a loan basis, but it has a mandatory buyout option.

It is clear that Correa is unlikely to be able to replace Lukaku for the team and will definitely not become such a goalscorer (he never scored more than 9 goals in a season). But he perfectly knows how to work with the team and create scoring opportunities for partners. And this is exactly what Inzaghi expects from his forwards.

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In order to not miss any news about the Italian football, go to the sports statistics website. Here all Serie A results are covered in as much detail as possible. This means that it is easy to find out how the position of clubs in the standings will change within the season.

At this stage it is rather difficult to say whether Inter will remain among the real contenders for Scudetto. On the one hand, many leaders left the club this summer. On the other hand, the start of the new season was a success. In addition, new players quickly managed to join the team. Chalkhanoglu has already managed to produce some effective actions. Like Dzeko, Dumfries also quickly became a solid base player.

Therefore, the results of the team in Serie A may well turn out to be quite good. However, this requires the players to be extremely focused. If they have problems with this, it won’t be easy to achieve a positive result.

In any case, you can watch the latest news about this team on the sports statistics website. Be sure to visit it and you will become a true expert in Italian football.

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