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Tiger Woods Severely Injured His Right Leg and Is Undergoing Treatment

Tiger Woods has suffered a severe injury on his right leg. The bone of that leg broke into a minimum of two pieces. In medical terms, it’s termed as a comminuted open fracture. Woods’ doctors have used a rod to treat sustaining the broken leg.

The chief of the medical center of Harbor-UCLA, Dr. Anish Mahajan, said that Tiger Woods had injured his one leg, which is the right leg. The other didn’t face such a crucial injury. He explained his medical condition officially.

He added that Woods has a terrible injury in the lower part of his right leg. The orthopedic doctors have treated them with utmost hurry. Some specialists are taking care of his condition.

Comminuted open rupture of the legendary golf player’s right leg

His tibia faced a comminuted open rupture in the upper as well as the lower part of it. Doctors stabilized his fibula bones with a rod placing it with broken bones of the right leg.

WebMD explained comminuted rupture as it is an orthopedic condition where bones are fragmented into parts. The open signifies that bone fragmented invading the skin.

Dr. Anish Mahajan said that Tiger’s right leg condition is quite concerning. There are severe injuries in his foot and ankle too. Doctors have placed pins and screws to treat the injuries.

Tiger Woods would undergo surgeries

He added that Woods would have to undergo some surgeries in his legs to release the shock of the sore muscle. There was immense pressure on the soft tissues of his right leg.

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Woods is in his senses and responding to the treatment. He is still recovering in the hospital, as informed by his PR team.

Woods thanked his doctors, fire unit, and Harbor hospital members

Woods conveyed his thanks to his doctors and all those staff in the hospital for helping him to recover. He expressed his gratitude to the county sheriff of Los Angeles, the fire unit, and the medical facility of Harbor UCLA.

Surprisingly, three was no such injury in Woods’ left leg. According to some reports, Woods had injuries in his left leg, too but fortunately, that did not happen.

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