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The Ultimate List of Must-Haves for Your Baseball Field


Keeping your baseball field in peak condition is essential for player safety and attracting new players and sponsors. If you’re the league administrator, coach, or a parent with a vested interest in keeping your field looking its best, you’ll want to check out this list of must-have items for your baseball field


Whether it’s cleaning supplies, protective gear, or field maintenance equipment, these essentials will ensure the safety and appearance of your baseball field. So if you have a small space that needs a little TLC or a large fenced area that could use some fresh green grass, we give you some great ideas on how to take care of your baseball field, so it stays clean and functional all year round.

Protective Gear for Coaches and Umpires

You don’t want to risk getting hit by a ball while teaching your players how to play baseball. There are special baseball helmets with a face guard and special padding for the top of the head to protect you from getting hit by a line drive. There are also masks for umpires that cover their face from fastballs. Dealing with a pitched ball, you’ll obviously want to wear a glove on the hand you’ll use to catch the ball. There are gloves designed for baseball with a special pocket to catch the ball and a long webbing to protect the hand. When you are catching a thrown ball, be sure to close your fingers and keep your glove open to prevent injuries to your fingers.


You can also install baseball backstop netting to protect the fans watching the game. This type of netting can be added to new or existing baseball fields. It comes in various sizes and materials, so you can choose a netting that works best for you. Most baseball backstop netting is made from synthetic materials, but you can also find natural materials like cotton. Depending on the size of your baseball field, you can purchase netting in bulk or order a custom order. Baseball backstop netting typically comes in black or green to match the team’s colors. 

Mowing Equipment

Achieving a nice even cut is crucial for a good-looking baseball field cut. A variety of mowers exist for different budgets and types of grass on your baseball field. Mowers are designed for specific types of grass and the amount of foot traffic on your baseball field, so be sure to do your research. 

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Here are some of the most valuable mowers for baseball fields: 

  • Rotary Lawnmowers – these are great for larger areas. It is ideal for thick grass but might be too heavy for smaller baseball fields. 
  • Lawn Tractors – These are good for larger areas and are self-propelled, which makes them easy to use. 
  • Lawn Teds – These are good for smaller areas and can deal with thick and thin patches of grass. 

Weed Eating Equipment

Weed eaters are great for those areas that are not too high-traffic, like the base paths and outfield. They have an advantage over a lawn mower as they can get close to the fence line, corners, or any other place a lawn mower may be difficult to maneuver. They are also suitable for edging to keep the grass nice and tidy along the fence line. 


There are many types of weed eaters, from manual handheld styles to electric or gas-powered models. Be sure to choose the weed eater that is appropriate for the kind of weeds you have growing on the baseball field and its approximate size. Make sure to use the proper attachment for clearing the grass along the edges of the baseball field and around the bases, home plate, and foul poles. 

Rotary Mower

A rotary mower is suitable for smaller areas with thick grass. It is self-propelled and makes a nice even cut but can be a bit expensive. Rotary mowers are good on small mounds and natural dips, but it might be challenging to get up hills. They are pretty easy to operate and can fit into small spaces. Choose a rotary mower with the correct cutting width for your baseball field. Cut too close, and you’re likely to tear up the grass too far away, and you may not be able to get into some of the trickier spots. Check the wheel height to ensure it’s not too high for your baseball field, so your mower doesn’t tear up the grass. 

Edge Trimmers

Edge trimmers are lightweight and easy to use for baseball fields that are not too large. These are good for the edges, edging around the bases and home plate, and between the pitcher’s mound and the rubber. They can be used on the outfield grass and around grounds or any other place you may have some thick grass. Read the instructions before you mow so you know how to achieve the correct cut length. A rotary mower is also good for the edges, but it may be too tall to fit into smaller areas, like between the bases. A wheeled trimmer may be challenging to maneuver around the grounds.

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Spraying Equipment

Spraying equipment can be used in various ways on your baseball field. If you have a lot of weeds that need to be removed, a small handheld sprayer and a chemical applicator are the best ways. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you start spraying. Some chemicals can harm people and animals, so you must take the proper precautions. A slightly small chemical sprayer can be used to spray along the edges of the baseball field and around the bases to kill weeds and grass that is too long. You must know how to use a sprayer safely and what to spray and where.


Baseball Field Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want to keep a few things in your baseball field cleaning supply kit to make life easier when mowing, weeding, or spraying. 


Here are some must-haves: 

  • Rakes – There are various types of rakes, from small hand rakes to large electric rotary rakes with long handles for mowing. Choose one that is suitable for the space and variety of grass you have on your baseball field. 
  • Lawn bags – They are ideal for collecting grass clippings from mowing or weeds from weeding. You can also use old pillowcases or other bags for this. 
  • Shovel – For cutting off fresh patches of sod and moving dirt or sand around the field as needed. 
  • Watering can – Watering the field and keeping the grass hydrated during hot weather. 
  • Gloves – For dealing with weeds, picking up a dropped ball, or other items on the field. 
  • Broom or brush – For sweeping the baseball field after mowing or the edges of the field. 
  • Wheelbarrow – For lifting sand or dirt and moving it around the field. 


Keeping your baseball field clean and tidy can be a challenge. It’s essential to stay on top of the maintenance to keep players safe and install the sports netting to keep the fans safe. With the equipment and supplies mentioned above, you will be able to keep your baseball field looking great, which will encourage new players to join and keep your current players coming back.

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