Stretches for lower back

The top stretches for the lower back to reduce pain

Mild to severe back pain might be due to any underlying disease, tension, or injury. Excessive gym workout or powerlifting can also increase pain. On the other hand, you cannot sit still for the whole day because of the pain. There are a few types of stretches for lower back that can ease the discomfort. They also help you overcome muscle spasms.

How to deal with lower back pain?

Pain in the lower back can become acute if it involves problems in the discs. In some cases, muscle injuries and inflammation also affect the nearby joints. When you are susceptible to such problems, posture becomes very important. Sitting for long hours, sleeping, or lying down in unwieldy positions could cause more pain.

Several medications can ease inflammation and pain. However, you would become dependent on the drug. Moreover, prolonged use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs can cause unwanted issues in the liver, kidney, and other organs. Beyond these, there is a list of side effects that occurs even when used sparingly. So, the better alternative is to strengthen the lower back. You can try tilts, bridges, bending, and lying flat on your back to get relief.

Cat-Cow stretches for lower back

Use a floor mat and get down on all fours, with a neutral head position. The arms have to be below the shoulders, and the legs have to be below the hips. Next, inhale deeply and tuck the pelvis while rounding the middle of the back. Draw the belly button towards the spine, relax the neck, and drop the head. Try and hold this posture for 3 to 5 seconds, exhale, and return to this cat position.

Returning to the neutral spine posture is critical in the above sequence. Next, turn the face towards the ceiling while allowing the back to move towards the floor. Hold this cow posture for 3 to 5 seconds and return to the neutral position.

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Try this child pose

First, get down on all fours on the ground. Bring the big toes together till they touch. Now spread the knees apart as far as possible. After that, place your butt to the feet and sit up while also extending the arms towards the ceiling.

Stretches for lower back

Now, hinge at your waist and drop the upper body in a forward movement between your legs. Make sure you keep the arms above the head while moving. Touch the floor with your forehead and spread the shoulders. The butt should be back on the feet. Try holding this position for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds.

Chair rotation

Take a sturdy chair and sit sideways. Keep the legs still and move the torso towards the front. Also, take the arms towards the back of this chair while in movement. It is one of the tedious stretches for lower back. So, please do not overdo it on the first day.

Now, hold the body in the twisted position using the arms. Try and deepen the stretch and hold this posture for about 10 seconds. You can repeat this chair rotation exercise thrice for each side to make improvements in mobility and balance.

Sit and twist the spine

First, sit comfortably on the ground and stretch the legs forward. Bend the right knee and cross the right foot over the left leg. It should rest on the outside of the left thigh. Next, bend the left knee and draw the left foot inwards towards the right thigh. Now lift the arms and touch the palms over your head. Start from the base of the spine and twist slowly towards the right side.

If required, drop the arm for additional support. Use the arm to hug around the right knee to gain better balance. Or you can stretch forward with the left arm going over the right thigh. Retain this posture for a full minute and repeat on the other side.

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Knee to chest stretches for lower back

First, lie down with your back to the floor. Bend a leg and draw it back into the chest. Try to keep the spine elongated with the tailbone on or close to the floor. Hold on to the leg for 1 to 3 minutes and release. Repeat this sequence with the other leg. Complete three stretches on each leg to increase spinal mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Overhead arm reach

Take a comfortable chair and sit in a normal position. Look forward and keep the feet touching the ground. Lift the right arm over the head and take it towards the left while gradually stretching the torso. You should feel the extension in the upper back and shoulder regions. Next, return to the normal position and relax for a while.

These stretches for lower back pain relief are simple, so try it five times per arm. This exercise improves the range of motion and removes shoulder stress, pain, and stiffness. Once you get comfortable, try doing the same in a standing posture.

The butterfly exercise

First, sit down on the floor and bend the knees. Draw the legs together and make the soles touch each other. Extend the hands down and clasp the feet with both palms. Keep the spine erect with the head still and looking straight. Next, lift the palms and place them on opposite shoulders. The elbows should be closer or touching. Hold this position for a minimum of 5 seconds and then release. If you experience lower back pain while performing the routine, lean forward. This beginner exercise is perfect for flexibility and all-round mobility.

Piriformis stretches for lower back

Lie down on the back and bend the knees. Make sure the feet are flat on the ground. Cross the right ankle and bring it under the left thigh. Next, grab the lower left thigh and draw it inside towards the chest.

Continue until you feel the stretching in the right butt. Hold this posture for 1 to 3 minutes. Repeat with the left leg, and do the sequence three times a day. It can stabilize the joints and give immense relief to regular exercisers.

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