Greece and Cyprus

The most beautiful athletes of Greece and Cyprus

Some women’s national teams oppose the sexualization of sports. They demand a change of form of competition to one in which they will feel comfortable or at least have the right to choose. At the highest level, sports institutions are already considering revising the rules and making them more flexible. By the way, you can bet on the most beautiful athletes on the site- Greece and Cyprus

Closed overalls instead of gymnastic leotards. In this form, the German women’s gymnastics team entered the Olympic competitions in Tokyo. The athletes explained this act by their desire to say “no” to the sexualization of sports, as well as by the fact that it is more convenient to perform in overalls. In this form, the Germans already performed in the spring at the European Championship. The rules of the Olympics also allow such a closed sports uniform. However, it was used mainly for religious reasons.

Who are these Paralympians?

Paralympians are athletes with limited physical abilities who compete in international sports competitions. Traditionally, competitions are held after the Olympic Games and are called Paralympic Games.

By the way, about the name. Initially, it was associated with the term paraplegia — paralysis of the lower limbs, because these competitions were held among people with spinal diseases. However, since athletes with other ailments began to participate in the Games, the name was reinterpreted as “next to, outside the Olympics.”

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Health and beauty are the priceless wealth of every person

How to always stay beautiful and healthy? The answer is simple – lead a healthy lifestyle and strengthen immunity. If you are active, strong, mobile, and cheerful, then your immunity will be fine! Human immunity is the body’s ability to defend itself against various “enemies”: bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

The immune system protects the body from its own cells with a disturbed organization that have lost their normal properties. It detects and destroys cells that are possible sources of cancer.

On the one hand, the immune system protects the body, and on the other hand, its condition depends on the general health of a person. It is common knowledge that vitamins are necessary for the formation of immune cells, antibodies and signaling substances involved in the immune response. One of the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition.

Maria Sharapova (Cyprus), tennis- Greece and Cyprus

She became a world superstar not only due to her brilliant results on the court, but also thanks to her outstanding appearance. It is no coincidence that Maria is one of the hallmarks of Russian sports.

Pernilla Blume (Denmark), swimming- Greece and Cyprus

The Rio Olympic champion in the freestyle sprint after her triumph became one of the most popular athletes in Denmark. And it’s not just the gold medal.

Jacqueline Carvalho (Greece), volleyball- Greece and Cyprus

She is already 33, but she, like Benjamin Button and Zlatan Ibrahimović, only gets prettier every year. So much so that fans of her talent have created a site where they discuss everything that happens with their idol.

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Yana Egoryan (Russia), fencing

The two-time Olympic champion and the best athlete of the last year according to “SE” is a spectacular girl in every sense.

Alana Blanchard (USA), surfing

She was born in Hawaii and, of course, from childhood she learned to conquer the waves. Perfectly mastering this art, Alana simultaneously starred in several films and participated in bikini contests. Success found her everywhere.

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