Beach Hats for Women

The Best Beach Hats for Women with a Big Head – The Ideal Hats to Choose From

Substance and style can walk together! And when it comes to choosing the ideal beach hats for women, the best way you can make a style statement is by ensuring that you remain secured from the scorching rays of the sun. 

However, if you search for the best beach hats for large heads, you will come across several options. And that becomes somewhat overwhelming for you to make the correct selection. But there is nothing to fret! This article has you covered. Here we will discuss some of the best beach hats that can help women of any age make the most of their beach destination. If you have been waiting to choose your beach hats for women, the following choices will help you. 

1.The wide brim hats

You could be at the backyard barbeque party or at the beach, but you will never go wrong with a high-end, branded wide brim straw hat. It enables you to create a style statement regardless of the venue. Most of these hats come with a wide-brim along with an UPF 50 rating that gives increased sun protection. If you opt-in for this hat, it will secure your neck, face, and eyes from the harsh UV rays, leading to sun damage. Additionally, the hat is also crushable, which means it’s easy to pack and travel. 

Also, there’s no need to opt-in for the wide-brim straw hats that are costly! You can select a simple and chic beach straw hat that comes within $50. That would be a cost-effective deal and is available at a mix of colors such as white, black, turquoise, coffee and indigo. Some of these hats come with a tie trim that can enable you to manage the hat better. 

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2. The straw fedora hat

If you are traveling during the summer months, you need to say yes to a straw fedora as it provides you both comfort and style. You can opt-in for an ultra-stylish fedora that comes with a brim size of three inches or more. Some of these hats also have a grosgrain band. The hat is also easy to pack, and you can carry it in a beach bag. The hat will retain its shape even then. If you want to spend your money judiciously, you can get a straw fedora within $50 to $60, which will enable you to save more. The hat brim size makes it easy to wear when you are at the beach. Also, the hat has a cotton sweatband which enables you to feel cool during warm days. 

3. The floppy hat

The floppy hat is both protective and playful. It’s a popular choice for most women who want to visit the beach. And if you want the best floppy hat, you can select from the available brands online, which come within your budget. It enables you to sport a laidback style as you pair it with your beach attire. Some of the branded floppy hats are available for $70, which is a good investment for most ladies. These hats come with an elastic sweatband that makes sure you get a great fit. Also, it has a brim of four inches that will secure your head, face, and eyes from the sun. And since the hat is crushable, you can carry it in your bag and not worry about hurting its shape. 

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4. The Panama hats

Similar to the fedora hat, even the Panama hat was famous amongst men first and then women started to embrace this hat. Today, you have the option to choose from the classic Panama hats that are available online and made of handwoven Ecuadorian straw. The hat comes with a safari-shaped crown apt for the beach outings. Women who wear a bun can choose this hat with a fringed 6 inches brim, that can add a certain drama to their look. 

5.The bucket hats

If you prefer outdoor activities and think that comfort is essential for you, you always need this hat. This hat looks portable and casual like a baseball cap, but it gives increased coverage. The best bucket hats are easy to wear and have a sloping brim that can secure the neck, face, and ears. A few of the bucket hats will bring to mind old fishermen, but if you check online, you will find the bucket hats that help you sport a classic look. These hats provide the best sun protection and come with a high UPF rating. 

If you want to sport a simple, subdued, colorful, and cute look, you can choose from the best beach hats that are discussed in this article. These hats will enable you to improve your personal style and provide ample protection from the sun. You can enjoy the beach weather and click some of the best pictures wearing your beach hat for your social media profile. 

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