Tallest players in NBA history

Tallest players in National Basketball Association(NBA) history

With outstanding performances and a beautiful and yet interesting career Gherghe Muresean, Manute Bol and other big names in basketball are appreciated even nowadays. They score lots of points, win many championships and become basketball legends. All of them have one thing in common, and that’s their height. In this article you will learn all you need to know about the best and the tallest players that are in the National Basketball Association. Ready to find out all the juicy details about the tallest players in NBA history.

Gheorghe Muresan

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Born in 1971, Gheorghe Muresan, also known as Ghita, is one of the tallest basketball players in the world. He is 7 feet 7 inches, which means 2.31 meters. He was born in Cluj County, Romania, and he had a health disorder caused by the pituitary gland. He started his career at Universitatea Cluj and became a champion back in 1992. 

The highlight of his career was in 1993 when the NBA selected him to be a part of the team. Due to serious injuries, Ghita Muresean stopped playing for a while but other doors started to open for him. In 1998 he was a star in the movie My Giant, and later he was in one of Eminem’s music videos called My Name Is. His steps were later followed by his son, George Muresan who became a professional basket player for the Hoyas team this year. 

Manute Bol

We continue our top with Manute Bol, another basketball player born in 1962. He takes second place as the tallest man in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His starting point was a little bit different from Ghita Muresean. At first, he played for the Bridgeport Purple Knights. As he had astonishing performances he quickly caught the eye of other basketball teams, including the Washington Bullets. He played for this team until 1995 when he ended his NBA career. 

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His career continued between 1990 to 1993, when he played for the Philadelphia 76rs and later for the Miami Hit. In the same year, he came back to Washington Bullets and played for them until 1994. Nowadays, people know him as one of the best shot-blockers. In 2021, Manute Bol is entitled as the second shot-blocker in the world and he is very appreciated for his humanitarian acts. 

Slavko Vraneš

As tall as Manute Ball, Slavko Vraneš is a Serbian professional basket player, born in Yugoslavia in 1983. He is 38 years old now and one of the New York Knicks highlights. From 1997 to 2018 he played in the center position. He was one of the most hunted basketball players and signed short contracts for teams like the Portland Trail Blazers. 

He was later transferred to his country’s most loved basketball team-Buducnost Podgorica- from 2004 to 2007 and then he signed a new contract with Partizan. He played for them for not more than 3 years. His later activity as a basketball player was for Metalac Valjevo in 2017. If you are a fan of him, you can follow Slavko on Instagram and other social media channels. 

Shawn Bradley

We got a Romanian, a Serbian and a South-Sudanese basketball player. Now, we shall continue with another 2.29 m German player. He is also known as the Storin or, shall we call him the Mormon? Even if he is a German player, Shawn moved with his family in the U.S. and grew up in Utah. Just like Manute Bol, he played for the Philadelphia 76ers for a while and later for the Dallas Mavericks.

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Unfortunately for him, he can not  play basketball anymore as he suffered a serious bike accident and now is paralyzed. His spinal cord was affected pretty badly and Shawn can no longer perform in his field. The accident took place on 20 January 2021. For now he is trying to fight this issue and get better. 

Yao Ming

Yao Ming is a 2.29 m Chinese basketball player born in 1980 and he is known as one of the best Shanghai Sharks players. He was also a part of the CBA and performed lots of matches for the Houston Rockets in a center position. He was a part of the 2016 World Championship and the 2008 Olympics. 

In 2011 he ended his basketball career as he found serious health issues that included hypertension. With the money he earned, he built lots of restaurants and bars called the YAO. In 2021, his fortune was estimated at 120 million dollars.

Chuck Nevitt

We will finish the article with the legendary Chuck Nevitt, borned in 1959. He is also the shortest player from our top – he has only 2.26 m, respectively 7 ft 5 inches. Nevitt played at Houston Rockets in 1982 and later he was a part of Lakers for no more than 2 seasons. 

In his entire basketball career, he scored a total of 155 matches and more than 826 minutes. 


Have you got a favorite? Are those players your inspiration or do you dream to be just as good as them one day? With hard work and dedication you may even surpass them and join the best basketball leagues, earn millions and entertain billions. Start your practice now, and you may be one of the best basketball players one day.

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