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Startup Employs Data-Driven Approach to Deliver Precision Nutrition


If one of your goals is to improve your health or wellness, you’ve undoubtedly looked into the micronutrient options out there to see what items are available to assist you. You may have observed that the market is swamped with anything from hair growth gummies to detoxification remedies. Despite the abundance of choices, you may still have trouble finding items that will help your body reach its full potential. Let’s see about startup employs a data-driven approach to deliver precision nutrition.

Though we all require the same necessities for survival, such as sleep, water, and nutrition, what distinguishes us is the extent to which our needs differ. Some of us demand a greater quantity of some things while others do not, and this rule applies to our nutrient needs. To face the beautiful conundrum that is our uniqueness, the health and wellness industry offers a solution derived from an intersection of biotechnology and genetics.

Rootine, a new member of the industry, hopes to unlock optimal health with precision nutrition. They are correcting the prolonged absence of personalized nutrition options for micronutrient consumers. Rootine uses data from DNA analysis, a blood test and a lifestyle quiz to design a customized micronutrient pack that delivers the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and specialty compounds in a microbead formulation.

Rootine is the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Rachel Soper Sanders who decided to establish the company after several unsuccessful attempts to win her battle with chronic stress and maximize her daily performance. Sanders, an ex-investment banker, had just finished from Harvard Business School and had her startup in its early stages when she met Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, Ph.D. The geneticist, biotechnician and nutrigenomics expert was, just like Sanders, exploring ways to optimize his health and failing to discover any tenable solution already on the market.

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Sanders expressed her observation that there was a dearth of data-driven, personalized multivitamins for her unique health needs in an interview with Dr. Brittany R. Allman. This lack had pushed her to start Rootine with Wallerstorfer.  “Consumers didn’t have the tools to efficiently use the data they had to make better decisions throughout their life and in their nutrition. Daniel and I were really inspired to make an impact and driven by a mission to really empower people to leverage their health data to improve how they look, feel and perform every day.”

Rootine is always researching the link between nutrition and genetics in order to be on the cutting edge of nutrigenetics research. They use the information they collect to ensure that customers get the most out of their daily intakes. In her episode of The Momentous Podcast, Sanders explains, “Rootine is built on over 400 clinical studies related to how nutrition and genetics play together. Genes influence how your body absorbs, processes, and utilizes nutrients.” 

Rootine utilizes data from a lifestyle quiz consisting of 19 questions, blood nutrient levels and DNA data to calculate the correct quantities of the specific nutrients your body requires. Sanders said in her interview with Levels that with Rootine, she was able to detect a molecular malfunction that had boosted her body’s desire for antioxidants.“

Rootine’s test-take-track method distinguishes it from other brands because their customers get a personalized product based on their health data and can also track their progress on a digital dashboard with lots of resources and information to experience a premium yet accessible health delivery. The company website states that tracking is the only method that guarantees a working formula that is optimized for your body. It also explains that even excellent customization is at its core guesswork when tracking is not part of the process. 

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Rootine uses third-party testing, and its laboratory is accredited to ISO 9001, 15189, 2200, and 22617, as well as the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The guidelines guarantee that a product is safe and that it has the ingredients and potency that it claims. Sanders told Momentous that the company recognizes that the market is becoming smarter and customers are becoming more empowered, data-driven, and aware of the importance of testing, form factor, and adhering to rules. Rootine has similar beliefs, according to her, and feels that consumers deserve that level of service.

The Founder and CEO of Momentous asked her about her two-year projection for Rootine. In response, Sanders stated that Rootine is extremely enthusiastic about developing a precision nutrition platform with a range of solutions. So, the startup will continue to employ new data to create products while offering a channel for members to track their progress. She also said that her company would continue to invest in an online experience while incorporating data collection into comprehensive, personalized solutions.

The company is now establishing a remote-first team, which will be based in Nashville, Tennessee. Renowned sportsmen like Brian Burns and celebrities like Steve Aoki are among the thousands of Rootine members. Visit for more information.

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