NBA All-Star Game

Some Highlights of the 2021 NBA All-Star Game

It was pretty clear from the get-go that the 2021 NBA All-Star event was set to be quite different from what it has been in previous years. Perhaps the biggest highlight in that regard is the fact that instead of being stretched over multiple days, the NBA chose to cram all the events into one action-packed evening. While this was quite the departure from what we have all grown accustomed to, it certainly delivered on one thing – some of the most exciting highlights of NBA.

Sports enthusiasts were treated to a ton of fun and sports bettors had access to some of the most insane NBA Vegas odds and offshore sportsbook lines around the country. But those are not the memorable things about the event.

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Jaylen Brown’s and Jayson Tatum’s Triumphs

Tatum and Brown put on quite the show at the 2021 All-Star game each making quite the impact for Team LeBron and Team Durant. At some point in the first half, they even went head to head resulting in one of the most memorable moments of the first game.

All this culminated with Tatum finishing with 21 points, seven assists and a total of four steals while Brown scored 22 points, five rebounds and two steals. Both of these performances were pretty solid not just because of the aforementioned points but also because of how much they kept their fans engaged with surprising plays.

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Steph Curry’s Unusual Winning Streak

If there is one player who really had fun at the 2021 NBA All-Star Game it is Steph Curry. To begin with, this year’s game was a pretty big deal for the star player especially because he had to sit out last year’s All-Star weekend because of a broken hand. Thankfully, he made his long-awaited return to the court this year and he brought all the cheer, joy and ‘cheat code’ level skills the two-time MVP is known for, with him.

The fun began even before the games themselves started when Curry put on a show in the 3-point contest. That is not even the most exciting part – he left the outcome in doubt until his final shot of the second round. This was his second victory in the competition. As if that is not enough, it also marked his very first experience with the “MTN Dew Zone, that is, the spot located six feet behind the 3-point line from where the players need to take shots in each round.

Curry certainly had a lot of eyes on him making him a rather obvious favorite in the 3-point contest. Unsurprisingly, he did not disappoint. For the first round, he scored nine consecutive shots and ended up finishing with a whopping 31 points after he hit his last Moneyball.

Team Lebron Beats Team Durant

Most notably, Team Lebron beat Team Durant 170-150 thus winning the 2021 NBA All-Stars Game. Still, both teams performed exceptionally well with Team Lebron raising a whopping $1.25 million and Team Durant raising an impressive $500,000. All things considered, this has raised the bar for what we can expect from next year’s All-Star game. We are pretty confident that it will get even better. Hopefully, the weekend format returns and it’s not just a few hours as it was in for 2021.

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