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Social Media Addiction among Students

Social media addiction occurs due to an excessive preoccupation with social media, an overwhelming want to access or use it, and spending so much time and energy online that it interferes with other crucial aspects of life. It is a behavioral addiction. 

There is a great need for online connectivity, especially during student life. Pupils rely on social media apps for many reasons, from sharing tasks online to creating a social community. For instance, if you are searching for an essay writing service online, you will require social media platforms to get access to your desired service. Thus, different factors lead to addictive behaviors among students. We have enlisted some of the major ones below:

Top 13 Factors Leading to Social Media Addiction among Students

The 13 major factors leading to social media addiction among students are:

1. Games and Fun Activities

Who wouldn’t be aware of the online gaming addiction? Students and people from various age groups love to invest their time in gaming. It is taken as a significant activity, especially on weekends when people find it as a way of relaxing. Spending some time on fun activities is not wrong, but too much of it can b/e harmful. 

You can practice your skills online like content writing, creating animations, painting etc. If you do not get a chance to play a game at a decided time due to any emergency, it might generate aggression in you. Thus, games might promote violent and impatient attitudes among people. 

2. Seeking and Sharing Information

Many students are in dire need of exchanging information during the academic stage. They are assigned various tasks that demand great research and collective effort. In this modern world, there is no need to visit people for group projects when all the tasks can be performed online. 

Many pupils explore various websites so they can gather the required data. It is a very productive activity as it enhances knowledge and an individual’s understanding of various online tools and techniques. But in the same way, it also makes one addicted to getting information; students start relying on social media way too much. 

3. Getting Entertained

There is no denying the fact that social media is full of entertainment. You can watch anything you want from any part of the world. There is no need to visit cinemas all the time when you can watch your favorite movie at home. You become addicted to watching your favorite shows. 

You may start spending many hours online due to social media’s entertainment. The present generation is full of Netflix addicts and can spend an entire day watching series online. Therefore, the need to have a balanced routine is essential, or this addiction can adversely impact one’s health. 

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4. Desire for Popularity

People get greatly inspired by famous personalities and try to imitate their lifestyles. Students desire popularity more as they are on a journey towards success. They have various goals in mind and look up to a personality or popular figure. It makes them hungry for success and fame. Social media has made it quite easier to become popular without any investment. 

You can become a blogger and share your life online by applying different social media marketing tricks. If people start connecting with you, it can make you immensely popular based on your talent. You must be familiar with many social media influencers who have gained immense fame through these platforms and created diverse content. If there is any hate propaganda against you or other factors leading to a reduction in the number of followers, it might induce depression in you. 

5. Online Learning

It has become easier to acquire education online than by attending on-campus classes. Several websites offer free and paid courses online. Students can continue acquiring education while pursuing their careers side by side. It has brought the great facility to multitask without any panic. 

Though online learning has brought great convenience, it has also promoted the culture of social media reliance. It is one of the major factors leading to addiction, and students have to stay connected with educators online to give updates related to their performance. It can cause great stress and generate anxiety among them. 

6. Social Networking

Life has become so technology-dependent that people find connecting online rather than visiting each other easier. Due to busy routines, many people find it convenient to build online networks. Even those with some free time for in-person meetups prefer connecting online now. It is a very bad addiction as relationships have lost their true meaning. 

It appears more of a formality to wish someone online rather than putting effort into going and meeting them. There is a greater urge to show that you are happy in life online than actually being happy. Social networking is good, but it can create many misunderstandings among people, and addiction can lead to bad consequences. 

7. Getting Rid of Boredom

Many people, especially students and those in old age, become social media users due to excessive boredom. It can be a major reason for heavy reliance on the online world to pass the time. Everything is available online, from cooking shows to traveling experiences and political news to cultural programs. 

You no longer have to get yourself engaged in any real-life activity when you can spend time watching your desired programs online. It is a big issue as many people develop lazy attitudes and become unhealthy. Physical activity is reduced, and it can waste a lot of time. 

8. To Avoid Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is quite common as technology has taken over, and people no longer feel the urge to arrange meetups. Sharing life online by posting a few pictures and videos appears more convenient than planning get-togethers. Many invite only a few of their close friends and family members and showcase their activities by posting updates online. 

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It can generate a feeling of being left out, and many people become mentally affected and feel worthless. If not checked, some also undergo depressive mood shifts and may develop suicidal thoughts. Thus, taking care of your loved ones is also essential off-social media. 

9. Posting Life Updates

The aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that social media creates develops a strong desire in almost everyone to post their life updates. It becomes a competition to display your life to the online community and get engagements. Due to the temporary happiness it generates, many people, especially students, love to share even the smallest life updates online. 

They feel rewarded when someone appreciates their achievement and gives a positive response. Students at a young age love to show off their accomplishments, and it might lead to competitiveness. Those who cannot afford similar perks may start feeling unwanted and develop antisocial behavior. 

10. Involvement in Social Activities

Various organizations have started hiring skilled youth for part-time jobs online. If you have expertise in a field, you can generate high income by working through online means. For instance, if you are skilled at graphic designing, you can become a freelance designer and pursue education and other life activities. 

Companies also hire volunteers online to spread their message through social media platforms. Therefore, many students get involved in social activities and can become extreme addicts. If not balanced well, this excessive use of online platforms can generate serious health concerns. 

11. Attention Seeking

When it comes to social media, one of the biggest reasons many people use it is to seek attention. Of course, when you post a picture online or share any opinion, you have this in-built urge to get acknowledgement and praise. You may feel demotivated and unappreciated if you do not get a positive response. It can make you reliant on such engagements so much that a day without enough response might make you feel depressed. 

Thus, these addictions to attention-seeking can be bad for your mental and even physical wellbeing. Kids who feel neglected in their family are more vulnerable to online predators. Some agents try to manipulate young individuals online and get them involved in various harmful activities by providing them wrong attention. 

12. Enhanced Scope of Technology 

Almost everything these days has become technology-reliant. Its scope cannot be denied, and without the assistance of online tools and technology, there can be great difficulty in performing tasks. Students also have become addicted to using technology to carry out their studies and other activities. 

Different applications have created an ideal online environment that entertains and provides great knowledge and exposure. You can get the required information from any corner of the world within a few clicks. Google has become a companion for exploring anything you want. So, it would not be wrong to say that technology has significantly shaped our lives. 


Everything we use has positive and negative impacts. Social media brings great knowledge and entertainment and connects people globally. On the other hand, its excessive use can also lead to addictions, affecting people mentally. Thus, people, especially students, must be aware of its harmful consequences to living a well-informed, healthy, balanced life.

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