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Return of NBA Along With Updates About Latest Developments

A big question that is trending presently is when the NBA season 2019-2020 will resume – the grand return of NBA. Also, how the playoffs will look like. All these questions can be answered now that the return to action date is closely approaching. The 2019-2020 season started an indefinite hiatus since March 11 after a corona positive player was found. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz team was tested positive leading the abrupt closure of the league. Adam Silver, the commissioner of the league initially announced that the hiatus would last for at least a month. However, according to the recent reports, it is more likely to resume around mid-July.

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Return of NBA

According to an interview with the ESPN, the NBA has plans to arrange a vote of the league that will take place next Thursday. All the governors of the Board will have to be present in the meeting. Besides, they are all expected to support the decision made by Adam Silver about the resuming of the NBA current season. Further, it is also reported that NBA officials are constantly trying to consider several other options. However, the best one seems to be of resuming the game. If the majority of the governors are going to support Adam Silvers, then the plan of action is also ready.

They are trying to bring together 22 teams as a part of the Wide World of Sports event of ESPN in July 2020. Such a format will result in play-in-games and regular-season. All this will be part of the competition for playoff scopes in all the conferences. The NBA has still not officially come out with a plan. However, the previous plan of bringing all 30 teams together is no longer valid. Only teams that will be a part of the final six playoff games will find spots in the upcoming conferences.

The San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, and Phoenix Suns will be a part of the plan. They will all land in Orlando, the USA following all the strict guidelines. Joining them will be the Washington Wizards who will be an exceptional entry. It is the only team to be a part of the six games of the 8th seed in the east. There is another proposal that will include only 20 teams. Among those already mentioned, only a few will be a part. The Plan-B includes New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Portland.

About the disagreements

According to a recent survey, only 16 out of 30 General Managers said that they want a comeback for the league. Moreover, the format will only include 16 teams in the playoffs. The seedlings will have to based on the rankings that were seen right before the suspension. Now this one was one out of the four alternative return options presented in the survey. The other three options fell short of votes. The other options included suggestions of 30 teams after a play-in tournament. On the other hand, going direct to the playoffs was another odd option. The last suggestion was to host a regular-season with 30 teams and then go to the playoffs.

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