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Pair of Sneakers Used by the Rookie Michael Jordan in 1984-84 in  Auction

Michael Jordan has put a pair of his sneakers in the auction and it can sell at around $600,000. What’s special about this pair? Well, it is one of the most expensive collections in the Air Jordan brand. The product is a sneaker that Michael Jordan used in 1985. He was a rookie back then and it is a classic piece that went with him as he created history. Well, if you have around 600k to shell out, this pair could be yours!

The Ultra Rare pair of red, black, and white sneakers were worn by Michael Jordan in his games. The shoes gave him the grip he needed during the 1984-1985 NBA Season. The product already has a set bid of $122,000 present at the Goldin Auctions site. It is just around two weeks to go and it might be sold.

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Michael Jordan and his classic collection

The high-value paid of the Michael Jordan memorabilia skyrocketed from the time of The Last Dance docuseries by ESPN. Moreover, a similar pair from Air Jordan was recently sold at $560,000.

There is something special about the current auction going on as Jordan has signed the pair of his sneakers on camera. He was in an interview with local LA sports and had the shoes with him after seven years since he had worn them during the NBA games.

Rick Lozano, the reporter was gifted Michael Jordan’s pair of shoes owned by Jordan by the Bulls player Gene Banks. His shoe sizes are 13.5 on the left and 13 on the right.

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michael jordan

Jordan as a rookie

Around 36 years ago, Jordan had a fantastic rookie year. He averaged with 28 ppg, 6 assists, and 6.5 rebounds. His performance made him the Rookie of the Year. So, you can now own the pair of sneakers that made history. Moreover, the auction will run through August 22 and is expected to sell at around $600,000.

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