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Once in a Lifetime NBA Return Intrigues All

To begin with millions of fans are simply glad about the July 31 return of NBA basketball.  Regardless of the delay, quarantined location, and unique return plan.  It follows that there are some spoil sports that demand an asterisk to the COVID-19 season.  Counter to that are more positive and perceptive fans.  No other season in return of NBA basketball history has the unique dynamics of this one.  For gamblers the betting on basketball handicap will serve as an ultimate challenge.  Now let’s take an overview look of the resumed season to come.  

NBA Return Format 

In an odd arrangement, there will be nine Eastern Conference and 13 Western Conference teams invited to Orlando.  To begin with, the return of NBA basketball wanted any team with a realistic playoff shot at the time of the shutdown to get a chance.  Following eight regular-season games is the possibility of a play-in series.  The eighth and ninth place teams will meet if within four games of each other.  Once the final eight in each conference are set all series will be best of seven.  In this situation game seven of the NBA Finals would be October 12.  

2020 CashBet Odds to Win the NBA Finals:  Los Angeles Lakers +250, Milwaukee Bucks +250, Los Angeles Clippers +333, Houston Rockets +1200, Boston Celtics +2000, Toronto Raptors +2400, Denver Nuggets +2500, Miami Heat +2700, Philadelphia 76ers +2700, Utah Jazz +2900, Dallas Mavericks +3600, Brooklyn Nets +6000, All other teams +10000 or greater

Overview of the NBA Championship Betting Odds

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Consistent with public perception is the same teams still favoured to win the 2020 NBA Finals.  Quarantined in Orlando with no fans doesn’t change the fact that gamblers see the Lakers, Bucks and Clippers as top tier.  A wild card is a positive coronavirus test.  What happens if LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kawhi Leonard test positive?  Indeed, that is a scenario that terrifies the return of NBA basketball and TV networks.  Not to mention chalk-oriented gamblers.  It is true that betting odds would wildly fluctuate if such a cataclysmic event occurs.  

Eastern Conference Teams and Current Seeding:  1-Milwaukee Bucks, 2-Toronto Raptors, 3-Boston Celtics, 4-Miami Heat, 5-Indiana Pacers, 6-Philadelphia 76ers, 7-Brooklyn Nets, 8-Orlando Magic, 9-Washington Wizards

Milwaukee Expected to Make Big Bucks in East 

Of course, the Milwaukee Bucks are the class of the Eastern Conference.  A majority of gamblers at basketball betting sites are still miffed at their 2019 Eastern Conference finals loss to Toronto.  Of great concern is the same question that faced Milwaukee last year.  Does Giannis have enough of a supporting cast?  Structurally the Bucks are one of the most complete full court teams in the game.  

Speaking of the Raptors they have been one of the Associations biggest surprises.  Due to Kawhi Leonard leaving for the Clippers was a decline expected.  Rather, Toronto has rallied to play some of the best team basketball in the NBA.  Concurrently the Boston Celtics are also employing a defensive oriented team approach.  Head coach Brad Stevens is much happier without mercurial Kyrie Irving.  Recall Irving voluntarily took a seat as the Celtics were being eliminated by Milwaukee.  He is now with longshot Brooklyn.  

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Western Conference Teams and Current Seeding:  1-Los Angeles Lakers, 2-Los Angeles Clippers, 3-Denver Nuggets, 4- Utah Jazz, 5-Oklahoma City Thunder, 6-Houston Rockets, 7-Dallas Mavericks, 8-Memphis Grizzlies, 9-Portland Trail Blazers, 10-New Orleans Pelicans, 11-Sacramento Kings, 12-San Antonio Spurs, 13-Phoenix Suns 

Lake Show or Clip Joint in Battle of LA?

Most of all the Lakers and Clippers are clearly above all others in the West.  At least that is the vehement sports betting opinion.  Anthony Davis has proven to be the partner LeBron James needed last year.  Meanwhile Kawhi Leonard has transformed the Clippers into a marquee brand.  Paul George is a perfect compliment to the 2019 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player.

Alternatively, the Rockets are seen as a dark horse.  Scoring machine James Harden with Russell Westbrook is the reason why.  However, lack of quality defense means “Houston we have a problem.”  

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