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Currently, the shortest National Basketball Association players to dunk

Have you been wondering about the shortest basketball players for the dunk contest? We have a list of few such names that will leave you wonder. These players are not only athletes, but well skilled to play the basketball game like a master. The height plays a vital role in sports like basketball, yet there are players who are the height of an average man and made wonders in the sport.

The names that we have in the list are extremely talented professionals and that is what the National Basketball Association has proved by selecting them. If you talk about their ability and strength, they can easily leave you amazed with their basketball skills. According to pro basketball troops below are shortest players to dunk in NBA.

Currently, the shortest National Basketball Association players to dunk:

1. Isaiah Thomas:

It’s the first name you would remember when you talk about short players to dunk. Despite the initial hurdles in his success life, he has played amazing number of games with the Boston Celtics. Isaiah Thomas has played with a couple of known teams like Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, and currently he has also played for the Washington Wizards.

2. J.J. Barea:

Being an above average yet, he was not listed in the six feet tall players’ lists in various places. The fortunate thing was that he looked taller being above average. Most of his career graph has drawn playing for the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas Mavericks have been two tallest players in the NBA as of 2020. 

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3. Muggsy Bogues:

With a height of 5 feet and 3 inches, Muggsy looked tinier compared to other basketball players in all the games represented by him. Noone actually believed that he played with Washington Bullets teammates who were more than 7 feet 5 inches tall. Some more teams he has played with include The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

4. Earl Boykins:

Earl Boykins wi8th a height of 5 feet 5 inches have made wonders on the basketball stadium. He always looked tiny ever since he started playing but, is remembered strongly in the basketball league history. Overall, he represented 10 different NBA. Most of the games of his career he played at the Mile High City, which is based in Los Angeles.

5. Calvin Murphy:

Calvin has a height of 5 feet 7 inches which is below the average height of a national basketball player. He played for 12 years in his career and proved everyone confidently about his basketball skills. His average points in most games have been 17.9. He made a legendary history for his career in his own style during the NBA dunk contests. 

There are many names to mention who have played equally well despite their height barriers. When you have the correct passion and determination, no flaws can stop you from achieving your goals. These players along with few more have created a history in the NBA dunk contests. Many beginners are inspired by their passion and dedication in basketball. You may check about them individually online.

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