michael jordan donated $10 million

Michael Jordan Donated $10 Million to Open Healthcare Clinics

Michael Jordan donated $10 Million as he thinks health care is everyone’s necessity. It should not depend on where the person is coming from, or they have any health insurance.

On Monday, he announced that the fund he contributes would build two Healthcare Clinics in North Carolina. It is Jordan’s home state, so there is an added emotion to it.

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Michael Jordan donated for open healthcare clinics in North Carolina

The donation will go to Novant Health. Jordan earlier donated $7 million to them in 2017. There will be two new health centers in New Hanover County. It is on North Carolina’s South Eastern coast.

The Hall of Famer said that he felt pride as once again collaborating with Novant Health. The institution will make critical medical facilities more accessible to families of his hometown.

The Charlotte Hornets, Jordan added that nobody should be deprived of healthcare irrespective of how remote they live or not having insurance to afford the medical facilities.

Jordan honored to do his bit for Wilmington, a special place to him

Wilmington is an extraordinary place for Michael Jordan. He considers his honor to give something back to his city and his community. The people there always supported him all his life.

Novant Health had opened “Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic” in October last year. It was the second one in three years with the legend’s donation.

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The CEO and the President of Novant Health, Carl Armato, said that the soon-to-open clinic and existing medical center would serve more people in the community.

The COVID-19 pandemic created such an exacerbation in the health sector in the whole world. So it is necessary to make any efforts to redeem the gap in this time of emergency in medical facilities. They are looking forward to reaching as many members as possible.

Novant Health thanked for Jordan’s continuous support to uplift medical infrastructure

Armato applauded Michael Jordan for his generous donation to uplift the medical facilities and infrastructure. He extended his gratitude to the NBA legend who won six championships for the Chicago Bulls.

Novant Health said that they appreciate Jordan’s continuous commitment to building affordable medical facilities for their communities. It is not merely an investment to the institution but also an investment of care to reach every person.

There was a video call arranged between the legend and Novant employees last year at the second clinic’s inauguration. The 57-year-old basketball champion called Novant Health as his great teammate and named them Scottie Pippen. He said that the challenge seemed easy as he got great teammates like them. To him, they are like Scottie Pippen. They are going to win every hurdle as it comes and continue the winning streak.

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