Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Autographed Cards for Auction

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen signed the card is on the auction. This is such a rare piece for all the basketball ball fans all over the world. There is also another one in which they feature wearing their NBA jersey, which will hit the auction. Anyone can own these if you have two hundred fifty-thousand (quarter million) dollars.

The NBA legends duo have signed the Logoman patch card. It is one of the hottest upper deck autographed and exquisite cards of 2005-2006. Goldin Auction is the platform from where it is up for sale.

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Goldin Auctions brings rare basketball cards to their buyers

There is a message from the CEO of the upper deck written behind the card. The message says that the owner has collected dual game used, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen signed the NBA Logoman patch card.

Message from the CEO of Upper Deck behind the card

He added that the card contains patches of the jerseys that Chi-Town legend Michael Jordan had worn in the NBA game. It also has an autograph of Portland trailblazers’ Scottie Pippen from an NBA match. That is why it is so special for the auction and potential buyers rather than buyers who are basketball fans.

The bid reaches to $200,000

Goldin auction closes the legend signed card auction on the Saturday till night. There are already eight buyers who placed their bid. The amount reached $200,000 now.

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Wagner card from 1909-1911 

There is good news for wealthy baseball fans as well. Goldin auction brings the Honus Wagner card from 1909-1911. The bid for the exquisite, expensive baseball card is $960K.

It seems that the auction market for holy grail cards is blooming. Wealthy basketball and baseball fans should check their bank accounts to have a ball with their favorite legend signed cards.

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