Benefits of Getting Yourself MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certified with Microsoft 70-740 Exam Dumps

You have a higher chance of building your career in IT and gaining the maximum benefits out of it if you prove to be good at what you do. The best way to develop yourself and enhance your skills is by getting certified. Your credential must be the one that best compliments your goal and has been issued by a worldwide accepted certification provider. Microsoft is considered one of the best certification and exam vendors that aims at equipping you with the most relevant skills and knowledge. This corporation offers top-ranked badges in various levels of expertise, so with these badges, you can attract a much higher salary as well as accelerate your career.

So, this article will tell you more about one of the sought-after Microsoft credentials, known as the MCSA Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Windows Server 2016 and cover one of the exams,the Microsoft 70-740, related to this badge. In addition, you’ll know the advantages of becomingMCSA Windows Server 2016 certified.

MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Credential

To start off, this certification proves your skills in handling Windows Server 2016. Earning it makes you eligible for a position as a computer systems administrator or a network specialist and points your way to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) badge in Core Infrastructure. To earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential, you are required to pass three compulsory exams. They are Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740), Networking with Windows Server 2016 (70-741) and Identity with Windows Server 2016 (70-742).

Getting this certification can bring you a lot of job opportunities and other career benefits that will be discussed further below in this post. But before divulging into that, let’s find out more about one of the necessary exams to obtain this badge, 70-740 test.

Microsoft 70-740 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-740 test focuses on Windows Server 2016 features such as installing, storing and computing and evaluates your skills in the related areas. For example, you must know how to install Windows servers in host and compute environments or how to deal with storage solutions, high availability and Windows container. As well the exam checks the way you monitor and maintain the server environment.As for the details of this assessment, Microsoft exams cover between 40 to 60 questions with just 120 minutes to work on them. To be considered for the test you must pay $165, which is affordable pricing.

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To be ahead of the pack in this assessment you have to toil to prepare for the exam. 

Now let’s see which resources it’s better to use to excel in this 70-740 exam.

Resources to Getting Ready for 70-740 Exam

So, to gain the required knowledge and skills, there are several sources you can take advantage of. Microsoft, for example, offers instructor-led training, online training, and the official practice test. Through the instructor-led training option, you can get access to live or recorded lectures conducted by an experienced instructor with hands-on lab experience. The online training option is a self-paced free course that uses videos, discussions, hands-on labs, and tests to help you learn. You can also purchase the vendor’s official practice test that contains 171 questions and check your knowledge. 

What’s more, you can opt for addition material to hone your skills – these are exam dumps from ExamSnap. This popular online platform offers the 70-740 Premium Bundle that contains reliable expert-verified questions & answers, a training course of lectures and a helpful study guide. And this package can be purchased just for $39.97. If not paying, then download free updated exam dumps that contain questions and answers, too. To know more, the provider’s files are in the vce format and you can open them using the VCE Player that mimics the real exam environment. 

So, ExamSnap is the best trustworthy resource that offers affordable products you can opt for in case you want to increase your chances of succeeding in the assessment.

And now let’s focus on the benefits one can get from acquiring the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential.

Benefits of Getting Microsoft Certified

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The most vivid benefits you can get after becomingMCSA Windows Server 2016 certified are:

. Verification of your skills 

The job of a badge is to prove that you have the skills that qualify you as a professional for a definite job position. Microsoft credentials are fully consistent with that task, because they equip you with all necessary and relevant skills and knowledge to profoundly perform your duties.

.  Access to more opportunities

As many job descriptions for job openings at top-scale organizations list the MCSA Windows Server 2016 as a requirement, getting certified gives you access to more job opportunities that were not previously accessible to you.

. Better chance of getting hired

Because of the recognition Microsoft certifications have, employers know the worth and validation they hold. Thus, a Microsoft credential holder has a higher chance of getting hired, cause having any Microsoft badge on your CV list can grab an interviewer’s attention.

. Career growth and payhike

Gaining more skills through certification makes you eligible for an increment or promotion to a position where your skills can be made better use of. According to PayScale web site, the annual salary of a computer systems administrator ranges from $44,000 to $87,000, so there’s always a chance for you to earn more.

We hope, the list of these benefits will motivate you to work hard, start your preparation to pass 70-740 exam, and obtain this prestigious credential.


Becoming MCSA Windows Server 2016 certified is the best way to boost your career in IT. It gives your basic Windows Server 2016 skills, legit validation and brings many career benefits like more job opportunities, a better chance of getting hired, increments, promotions, etc. But to get certified, you have to pass three compulsory exams, one of which is 70-740 exam. To prepare for the assessment, utilize trustworthy resources like ExamSnap with its free actual exam dumps. All you have to do is to give it your best effort, use exam dumps and other valid resources, so acing 70-740 exam is going to be a breeze.

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