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McKenzie Milton to Play After Two Years of Sabbatical Due to Injury

UCF Knights football club’s Jersey 10 player McKenzie Milton got clearance to play after recovering from his injury. It took nearly two years to get him back on the field after his amputation resulted in his leg injury.

McKenzie’s knee was dislocated in the match in 2018 with the opposition team of USF.

The incident was so horrifying as his nerves got stretched. The accident had torn his artery and ligaments as well. There was also knee joint dislocation.

The situation was so severe that many thought he would have to face lesser or no power in his legs. Doctors helped him recover, but it took two years to get back in the field playing football.

UCF quarterback got a fit certificate in August

The quarterback got the greenlit in August to play for UCF. According to ESPN, McKenzie is now practicing as a quarterback in the scout team of the Golden Knight.

He felt such joy practicing in the field as he was just indoor in these two years. There are now talented players who will be competing with him as well. He feels excited about these new challenges. Milton said that his mind is just free from anything to strike on the move. He is happy that he is feeling like earlier times again.

Milton got comeback inspiration from legends like Alex Smith

The UCF player got his inspiration to look at Teddy Bridgewater, Jaylon Smith, and Alex Smith. These legendary players also faced severe injuries in their respective careers but returned to the field healthier and hearty. Alex Smith encouraged McKenzie even personally.

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Yet to see whether Milton will play for UCF or not in future

It is yet to be seen whether Milton McKenzie will play for UCF in the future or not. He is in the best mood as he gets to play football and be worth other teammates in practice.

Milton said that he is cherishing that he can be in the scout team even after two years of gap. He is not taking it casually. The competitive player in him wants to play.

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