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Malcolm Brogdon of Indiana Pacers Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Malcolm Brogdon, guard of the Indiana Pacers team has announced on June 23, that he is going into quarantine following his COVID-19 results coming out as positive. The officials of the team have posted Brogdon’s message on Twitter through their official team’s handle. The player says that he is tested positive for coronavirus, and is presently in quarantine. He added that he is feeling well, progressing, and also doing better now. Malcolm says that he is hoping to join his teammates for the resumption of the playoffs and NBA season in Orlando.

The Indiana team started conducting tests on players last week. They are scheduled to shift to Orlando by the beginning of July when they will start practicing in full action. The NBA management has decided to order every team to quarantine for a day or 24 hours before the final matches begin. So, this is not the first time that the team of Indiana Pacers has been affected by the novel coronavirus. Before this, Myle’s Turner’s father was diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms and therefore hospitalized. However, he is doing well right now. For Malcolm Brogdon, his health was disturbed even before the suspension of the season.

He was suffering from hip muscle and leg injuries. However, the pandemic break has been scope for him to recover for the better. It is Malcolm’s first season with the Indiana Pacers, and his average was at 16.3 points, 48 games, 4.7 rebounds, and 7.1 assists. According to Malcolm, he was completely ready to get into action. Back in April 2020, Kevin Pritchard said that Malcolm was hungry, referring to his quest for victory. Recently, Malcolm Brogdon is a popular name after he came out openly about racial injustice.

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Malcolm Brogdon seems hopeful about the new game season

Malcolm, along with Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown got the invitation to speak about the trending protest following the brutal killing of George Floyd. Brogdon also said that he was hoping to initiate a march as a part of the protest in Indianapolis. However, there is still no news of anything as such. John Hurst Adams, Brogdon’s grandfather was an associate of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. He walked with the legend during the Civil Rights Movement that was happening back in the 1960s. Also, when several other NBA players were opposing the resumption of the game season during the protests, Brogdon was all ready for the games.

Earlier this month, during an official interview, Malcolm says that the players in the NBA are all coming up with a variety of reactions. Moreover, he says that it is nothing unexpected given the complicated scenario around right now. There are now more questions about the roster of the Pacers following the test reports of Brogdon. The Indianapolis player has announced that Justin Holiday, the backup guard in the team may not be playing. Also, he is planning to finish his quarantine term. Then, he wants to quickly revamp with the team before making any extreme decision right now.

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