LeBron James Is the New Face of Wheaties Box After Serena Williams

LeBron James Is the New Face of Wheaties Box After Serena Williams

No matter which NBA team you support, you can’t deny that all love some players. If it was Michael Jordan for most people before, it is probably LeBron James right now! Well, if you disagree with us, you have to know what this man just achieved in his already illustrious career. Well, LeBron James is the new face of Wheaties Box, isn’t that huge?

The box features LeBron in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey and has his right arm laid back for a grand slam. At the back of the box, there is a message that says, “I Promise.” There is a message that talks about the school he opened in his hometown at Akron, Ohio.

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LeBron James is the new face of Wheaties Box

Wheaties has put several athletes in their cereals boxes since 1934 to link it with their tagline “The Breakfast of Champions.” The first-ever to feature was Lou Gehrig, and then there were hundreds of people followed the course.

The athletes are from the NBA and different sports leagues of America and ones competing in the Olympics. The cereal brand has put entire teams on their boxes as well after they won certain championships. The trend dates back to 1987 when Minnesota Twins won the World Series. The last one was when Seattle Storm won in 2010.

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The tradition of these illustrations makes it iconic and also because they had several names on it before. It is surprising to many that James made it to the box. Moreover, because this is his 17th-year league and he is just 35.

Players who have features in the Wheaties Box

From Michael Jordan to Walter Payton, from Mary Lou Retton to Serena Williams, several names have been associated with Wheaties. General Mills announced that James was to be on the cover of their latest box after relieving Williams.

The company said that they appreciate the player for all his efforts both on the court and outside. James’ I Promise program for underprivileged kids is much lauded.  Further reports suggest that the player will share the meal box with photos of his family, kids, and faculty from the I Promise public school.

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