Kickin’ It: A Guide to the Different Types of Sneakers

Did you know that sneakers have been around since the 19th century? Although that wasn’t long ago, athletic shoes gained popularity quickly and are now one of the most common types of shoes globally.

No doubt, one of the best things about sneakers is that they are comfortable for walking, sports, and practically any other activity. And, with so many styles on the market, it isn’t hard to find a pair that looks great with your outfit!

Of course, since there are so many different types of sneakers, you may not know where to begin when shopping for the perfect pair.

This post will share some of the most common kinds of athletic footwear and give you inspiration for your sneaker collection. So, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about selecting the best sneakers!

Walking Shoes

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet or walk long distances during your commute? If so, wearing walking shoes is the perfect way to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

Often, walking shoes have insoles made of gel and breathable fabric that prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty. And, their arch support will keep your feet from aching after a long day!

Cross Trainers

There are different types of sneakers for most sports, but if you like to participate in various exercises, you may not find it convenient to have a pair for each.

So instead, you can purchase a pair of cross-trainers, which are similar to running shoes. However, cross trainers are more suitable for HIIT exercises or weight lifting since they have more stability.

Running Shoes

Whether you’re a runner or not, running shoes are one of the most supportive yet lightweight shoes you can find. So, they are perfect for walking, cardio exercise, or doing your errands.

Nevertheless, if you are a runner, you’ll want to make sure you have a proper pair of running shoes since they prevent repetitive injuries. With their cushioned soles, they absorb the impact of running as your foot hits the ground. Yet, to ensure they do their job, you’ll need to change them every couple hundred miles or as they wear out.

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Barefoot Running Shoes

If you dislike the feel of shoes while running, barefoot shoes are the choice for you! They can also help improve your balance by activating small muscles in your ankles, feet, and hips. As a result, many people find that their speed improves while wearing barefoot shoes.

Nevertheless, since they don’t provide much support, they aren’t the ideal footwear for long-distance races on the pavement.


Cleats are essential gear for many sports, including baseball, football, or soccer. They have studs on the sole that keep players from slipping on the dirt or grass by providing extra traction. Often, these studs are made from either rubber, plastic, or metal, so be sure to do plenty of research as to which is best for your sport!

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have a similar appearance to other sneakers, and they are lightweight. The main difference is that they have small spikes on the bottom of the shoes that give golfers traction. So, if you plan on taking up golfing, be sure to get a pair!

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are heavy-duty sneakers that can withstand any terrain or weather. They are usually waterproof and have heavy tread. These features prevent hikers from slipping or getting their feet wet.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers aren’t the best choice for sports, but they are a great addition to your wardrobe. Since they come in many colors and patterns, you can easily pair them with jeans and a tee shirt for the perfect look.

One of the most popular canvas sneakers is the Converse, which has been on the market for decades. So, these sneakers are sure to stay in style for years to come!

Leather Sneakers

If typical sneakers don’t go well with your workwear, you don’t have to compromise your comfort. Leather sneakers have the sole of a sneaker but the smart appearance of dress shoes. So, you can go to work in style and keep your feet happy.

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Slip-On Sneakers

Are you tired of tying your laces? Or do you have trouble bending down due to mobility issues or pregnancy? If so, slip-on sneakers are the solution!

Of course, they aren’t just for people who can’t tie their shoes. They’re also quite fashionable and comfortable for any outfit!

Designer Sneakers

If you like collecting sneakers, you’ll want to have some designer pairs in your closet. Their iconic styles will impress your friends and make your outfit even cooler. Of course, before buying sneakers from designers, it’s important to read more about sneaker trends!

Platform Sneakers

Sneaker trends are constantly changing, but one of this year’s most popular sneakers has an elevated platform.

One reason platform sneakers have become so trendy is that several female celebrities have worn them during casual outings. So, if you like to stay up on the latest styles, wearing platform sneakers will let your friends know you’re a fashionista!

Chunky Sneakers

Another trending shoe is the chunky sneaker, a hit among teenage girls. These sneakers look big on your feet because they have small shoelaces and a large sole. And, if you are short, they add height with a raised sole.

If you’ve never seen chunky sneakers, be sure to check them out! They may be just what you’re looking for!

There Are So Many Different Types of Sneakers!

In this post, we reviewed some different types of sneakers, especially the most common ones. However, there are more! So, be sure to do more research or browse online shops for more ideas so you can find the perfect pair!

And, if you’d like more tips for choosing sneakers or clothes, check related content on our website!

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