Jude Law Became a Father for the Sixth Time

Jude Law Became a Father for the Sixth Time

British movie star, theatre actor, and the dream man of many Ukrainian ladies, Jude Law Became a Father for the sixth time not so long ago.

What can be said about his personal life and previous relationships? The actor initially married Sadie Frost in 1997 and adopted her child from a previous marriage. Sadie gave birth to two more children and Jude Law Became a Father — a son, Rafferty, and a daughter, Iris. Jude even had a tattoo on his left arm, saying, “You came and turned everyone on, sexy Sadie.” The marriage began to fall apart when Law began dating actress Sienna Miller while filming Alfie Handsome. Sienna, in turn, could not stand Jude’s affair with his children’s nanny. They parted, then reconciled again, but not for long. In February 2011, they broke up completely. Law also has a daughter with model Samantha Burke, with whom the actor also had a fleeting romance.

In 2015, after a short relationship with Jude, singer Catherine Harding gave birth to a daughter who became the actor’s fifth child.

In May 2019, Jude Law secretly married his today’s girlfriend, 32-year-old Phillipa Cohen. Phillipa is a practicing psychologist. The woman also holds a Ph.D. Her scientific specialization is environmental change. The couple first announced their relationship in 2015, when they appeared on the red carpet of one of the festivals in London. “She’s really my person,” said Jude Law in an interview about his beloved. “I am very, very happy. Our relationship is a very private thing, and I think that’s why we feel so good together.”

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One of the most eligible suitors in Britain, Jude Law, married his girlfriend, Phillipa Cohen on April 30, 2019. According to The Daily Mirror, a modest and private ceremony took place at the old Marylebone Town Hall in Westminster. There were no official photos of the wedding as it was supposedly forbidden to take photos, and the paparazzi did not know about the ceremony.

The couple refused the magnificent and pompous celebration and Hollywood guests — instead, they invited only close friends and relatives to the wedding. In particular, the celebration was attended by 22-year-old Rafferty Law, Jude Law’s son from his first marriage to Sadie Frost. Jude Law announced his engagement to the world in February this year. However, the couple is rumored to have been together for over four years.

This is the first baby for Phillipa. Paparazzi caught the woman in June with a huge pregnant tummy and soon gave birth to a baby. This also became known thanks to photographers. The other day they took a picture of the couple while walking in London. In the pictures published by the Daily Mail, you can see Phillipa’s figure, where there is no hint of pregnancy.

However, the couple has not yet commented on the good news, so the details about when the baby was born, their gender and name remain a mystery.

In conclusion, Jude Law got married unexpectedly, and his new relationship became known to the general public in May last year. This marriage became the second official for the actor. The baby, born, became the firstborn for the star’s wife and the sixth for Law.

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