How to use QR codes for restaurant promotions

Restaurant promotions are crucial to increasing sales, boosting returning customers, and developing new meal selections in an industry where competition can be tough.

As most people can now find restaurant picks online, creating digital promotions is essential to make it easier to find the location and place orders in-store or takeaway.

Generating high-quality QR codes through a QR code generator with logo can be an all-in-one solution for restaurant promotions—it’s cost-effective, easy to implement, and takes little to no learning curve for most customers.

The best QR code maker will not only streamline your promotional efforts but also add a professional touch to your restaurant’s marketing materials, ensuring a seamless experience for your patrons.

If you’re a restaurant owner and want to elevate your restaurant’s QR code promotions, here are some ideas you can do.

Create an interactive QR code digital menu

As the menu is the first contact of customers, restaurants can use a fun and interactive digital menu to promote their new meal selections on the menu.

A few restaurants use a PDF menu QR code to replace physical menus, but this does not come with ordering and paying features.

What’s great about using menu QR code software is that it’s customizable, trackable, and reflects price and menu changes in real-time.

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If there’s a new item on the menu, customers can easily find it because it’s highlighted on the menu upon scanning the digital menu.

Simply place these QR codes on the counter, menu, or social media pages for customers to find and scan them easily.

Reward customers through QR code TV advertising

Some restaurants and big fast-food chains have a bigger advertising budget to promote their products on television.

Instead of the usual video or static commercial, some restaurant chains promote their brand and products through QR codes.

When scanned, this redirects people to the restaurant’s website or social media platform, where they can get a reward with a simple like or follow.

Burger King launched this QR code TV advertising in 2020, which gives people a free Whopper upon scanning the QR code.

Place a QR code on the takeaway packaging

Many people now order takeaways, which opens another opportunity for restaurants to promote their products with a QR code.

When delivering takeaway food to customers, restaurants can place a QR code on the packaging for new items, rewards, and more.

Aside from promotions, QR codes on the takeaway packaging can also list the possible allergens of the meal.

This way, customers can prevent possible emergencies by mistakenly ordering the food.

Increase orders through QR codes on online channels

Most customers find a good restaurant pick through online channels like Google searches, website forums, and social media.

Placing customized QR codes on these online channels increases restaurants’ visibility online and offers a unique customer experience.

When scanned, this can lead to the restaurant’s social media pages or website, increasing the traffic on these platforms and making it easier for people to find the store.

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Find the restaurant on food delivery apps with a QR code

While restaurants offer online ordering for takeaway orders, most people order through food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates.

When using QR code promotions, restaurants can promote their social media platforms and their restaurants listed on these food delivery apps.

This allows for easier searches on food delivery apps, which can be filled with other restaurant competitors in the area.

Incentivizing customers by scanning the QR code can also be beneficial to encourage them to order specials and other special menu items from the restaurant.

Promote your restaurant with a high-quality QR code

Promoting restaurants can be a handful, especially for small community hole-in-the-wall restaurants and eateries.

With QR codes, restaurants can have an efficient promotion, which can be used for various purposes to contain different media.

Generate a high-quality QR code, which can be used for both printing on posters and brochures and advertising on online platforms.

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