Your Vintage Wedding

How to Prepare for Your Vintage Wedding in Mandurah

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now you’re ready to prepare for your wedding. The very first thing to do is look for wedding venues Mandurah has available. Wedding venues are booked up long in advance, so it’s a good idea to seek that out first. Starting from there, you’ll have so many things to organise. Your Vintage Wedding-

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Interested to find out what exactly you need to do for Your Vintage Wedding? Read on to find out. 

Book the Wedding Venue- Your Vintage Wedding

You’ll find that with any vintage theme, a countryside venue works well. Whether on a golf course or a farm, or a rustic restaurant, you’ll find you can adapt these spaces to fit your theme. So, for example, you’ll want to put some old chairs or bicycles out, or some rusty equipment to create a funky vintage vibe. You’ll often find it in these venues.

Book your spot very soon after your engagement. You’ll have to visit several venues in order to see which you like best. Try them out for aesthetics, food, photo opportunities and general atmosphere. 

Appoint the Photographer and Videographer- Your Vintage Wedding

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the memories. Use a photographer that you know or who has excellent recommendations. They’ll be able to bring props such as:

  • Old books
  • Faded flowers
  • Bird cages
  • Arched trellises
  • Candles
  • Picnic baskets

These create the atmosphere and even help with lighting for the photos. 

Photographers tend to get booked up in advance, so book early. Make sure they have two back-up plans for their batteries. Furthermore, you can always ask friends and family to take some photos too. 

Look at a vendor’s portfolio before committing to them. Do they include a sense of fun, and of play? You don’t want to get bored—it’s your day. Have them showcase their creativity. Ensure that they understand your theme, and that they have some ideas to capture stunning images on the day. 

Contact the Florist

The florists need to be able to create a vintage theme, yes, but to be creative about it as well. One of the best arrangements can include pumpkins and fruits—it adds and element of playfulness and fun. 

The colours for vintage-themed weddings are toned down. Pastels, browns and golds, along with muted blues and greens work very well with this style. 

Decide on Theme Colour and Décor

Your theme colours will relate to your flowers. Pick one theme colour, and add highlights or variations here and there. For instance, your bridesmaids’ dresses may be a soft sky-blue, with light-gold belts. The flowers can add more colour, but the décor would pick up on those colours too. 

The décor will add elements of vintage—old photos, record-players, vintage pianos and piano-music, antique bird cages all add to the old-world atmosphere. Use tablecloths with designs that go well with your theme. See this guide on measuring tablecloth sizes so you’ll know what size to get.

Make sure some of the music is themed to match, too. Any vintage music sets the tone for the day, or evening. 

Choose Bridesmaids and Maids of Honour

Bridesmaids and maids of honour are the people whom you trust to support you—both in organising the wedding, and in managing the day efficiently. They’re there to smooth your brow, run errands for you, help you choose décor and design, and generally make your life easier. Ask them to be part of your bridal party early on, so they can plan their responsibilities around their own and your schedules.

Choose Your Dresses 

The vintage dress is full of lace and romance. Whether you select a shape that is modern, or a dress from 100 years ago, the lace defines it and makes it look ancient. Often, the lines are flowing and free, with a slight bohemian touch. 

Make sure your bridal party’s dresses also support your theme, without attracting all the attention. You must be the star!

Choose Your Vows

Your vows can be written by yourself, or keep them traditional. You can include unusual items from your favourite poems, or from good quotes. Have them hand-written in calligraphic handwriting on paper, so that you can frame them afterwards. You’ll want them as a visual keepsake. 

Select a Vintage Car or Carriage

An important aspect of the day is the car that you’ll use to take you to the wedding and the venue. It needs to fit with the theme, so hire a vintage car. You can decorate it with ribbon or lace, and add a couple of other vintage touches. 

Another alternative is to use a horse and carriage. Having a groom drive you truly reflects the vintage style. Your photographer can create themed photos from this very easily, and you can include a lace parasol for lady-like appeal. 


Favours can perhaps be the most creative of your endeavours. Some ideas:

  • You can select vintage-styled sweets in a vintage-style tin. 
  • Create a record-player cake for each person. 
  • Give brooches or cameos Wedgewood-style. 
  • Key-bottle-openers in the style of large brass keys are popular.
  • Anything vegan, such as vegan personalised soaps. 
  • Vintage photo-frames are a lovely idea. 

Add lots of lace to whatever gift you give, or old-fashioned flower-décor. 

Last Thoughts

Your wedding is something you wish to make the most special day of your life. It’s worth making it fit your dream-theme, and be harmonious. If it’s something you can’t do by yourself, hire a wedding planner. They can be a great help and keep you from stressing before your big day—that’s worth the cost! 

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