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How to move soccer equipment?

Are you considering relocating your soccer equipment along with you? If yes, then it is time to clean your equipment. Organizing your gear is the best way to take care of it during the relocation process. Before packing, clean the ball, cleats, and uniform so that you can use these after reaching your new home. Hiring one of the best moving companies near me which will transport all your belongings safely to the destination. 

You can find one easily at a credible moving service broker like Moving Apt. Of course, you might want to participate in the same sport at the destination as well.  If you are looking for tips on how to relocate soccer equipment then check out this: 


Practice clothes include shorts, dresses, and other items. Clothing items that allow enough flexibility to move and are prepared with sweat-wicking materials are great so that one will feel comfortable when playing the game.  

Soccer cleats 

Shoes that are specially designed in a way to provide full support to the leg and foot when playing the game and keep one safe from strains. 

Shin guards 

These are attached at the front of the shin to safeguard your body from kicks and balls. Wearing these is essential to keep your body safe when playing. 

Other items are a ball, a gear bag that is used to take all the tools to play soccer, gloves, speed ladders, a soccer net, and so on. Now, when you are moving to another place then you should pack these and move these along with you. 

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How to pack these tools: 

Clean and organize available equipment 

First of all, make an inventory of all the sports tools and equipment that you have accumulated over the last few years. It is time to clean and organize all these. Prepare these well so that no dirt and debris is remaining on them. If these tools are dirty then this will make the entire packing and moving process messy and dirtier. 

Collect all your moving supplies 

Moving supplies include furniture dollies, padding, moving straps, boxes, scissors, tapes, and so on. According to the size and volume of tools to relocate, collect enough supplies. If there are sharp edges present on the soccer net as per the model then you should use furniture blankets to wrap these and relocate safely to the destination. 

Dissemble the larger prices 

Large equipment such as soccer nets is needed to be dissembled at first and remove all the moving parts as much as possible. Usually, the equipment can’t be handled by a single person only. Therefore, getting the assistance of moving professionals is essential. One can use the dollies to move these. You should pack the nut, bolts, and screws in one packet and pack these in the same 

Protects each part 

Be sure all the equipment including uniforms, ball, cleat, shin guard, jersey, shorts, and knee brace are packed properly. Though these items do not come in the fragile category still proper packing is required to protect every part of the tools. Be sure you protect with bubble wrap so that there is no any scratch or stain comes on tools. 

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Choose an appropriate size of boxes 

According to the size of the items, you should pick the right size of the box. If there are original boxes of the items present then you should pack in the original boxes to safely transport items. While if these are not available then wrap up and pack more than one item in one box. Be sure there is no space left in the box.  Fill the voids if present in the box with padding. 

Label the boxes 

Once you are done with the packing, label the boxes in a way that tells what is present inside the boxes. This makes the unpacking easier as you don’t have to unpack the different boxes to find out the soccer gear to play with after reaching the new home. Now, it is time to load the packed boxes into the truck. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

All the sports enthusiasts have their equipment and would prefer to transport it along with themselves so that they can play soccer in the new city as well. The above guide will help you to transit the sports equipment and tools with complete safety.  

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