Now that the demand for the PGs is increasing day by day among students and working professionals, the owners of the paying guest in Coimbatore are trying to add more apart from the basic facilities to attract a large number of tenants to their premises. Here in this article, we have mentioned some ways how both owners and tenants of the paying guest accommodations can make their space more comfortable and lavish. 

guest accommodations: 

Here are some facilities that owners must provide to their tenants to make their PGs more comfortable and lavish.

  • Variety of dishes and purified water: The whole concept of the paying guest accommodations is to make the tenants whether students or working professionals feel at home. Owners of the PGs understand that it can be difficult to live in an unknown city away from the home. Therefore, they try everything to make the life of the students and working people as comfortable as possible by serving them a variety of delicious and healthy dishes in kitchen. Not only this but to maintain the health of the tenants they are provided RO purified drinking water. 
  • A well-furnished room: The most important thing that can make the PG more comfortable and lavishing is the well-furnished room. The bed must be durable, mattress and pillows must be soft. Also, the room must be equipped with a study desk, cupboard, lights, fan, chairs to provide a comfortable environment. Almost every PG provides one or two refrigerators for all tenants to store their items which are not sufficient. It is necessary for the PG’s owner to provide at least one refrigerator on every floor for adding lavishness to the space. 
  • Greenery: As the level of pollution in metropolitan cities is increasing day by day, people prefer to live in areas where they can get fresh air and a peaceful environment. The same goes for the students and working professionals looking for paying guest accommodations. They also prefer to live in a place having a lot of greenery calming their mind to concentrate more on their studies and work. To add comfort and lavishness in their life it is essential for the paying guest accommodations to have lush green spaces n the surroundings. 
  • Air conditioner and Geyser: It is surprising to know that how these facilities are their importance are overlooked at most of the paying guest accommodations. Having installed the air conditioners and geysers in the PGs can add to the comfort and lavish lifestyle of the tenants to a great extent. Now that students and working professionals are working hard for a better future, air conditioners and geysers can provide some relief to their struggling days. 
  • High-speed internet: There is no denying that the internet has become a major part of everyone’s life, specifically students and working people. To attract more tenants it is necessary for the owners of the paying guest accommodations to provide internet connection. The Wi-Fi connection provided in the PGs must be fast and reliable so that tenants can complete their assignments on time. 
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Essential items being carried by the tenants: 

Here is the list of essential items that must be carried by the tenants to the paying guest accommodations so that they can live a comfortable and lavish life. 

  • Gadgets and appliances: In case necessary gadgets and appliances are not provided by the PGs, then tenants should be allowed to carry the same with them. These might include a laptop, smartwatch, utensils, appliances for washing and cleaning jobs, buckets, mugs, yoga mat, free weights, Bluetooth, and many other items as required by the tenants.
  • Personal Grooming items: Doesn’t matter if you are sharing a room with a stranger or a friend, is always better to have your personal grooming products. Now that due to the busy schedule of the students and working professionals they will not get much time to visit the grooming salon, tenants must carry their personal grooming products including comb, toothpaste, perfumes, razors, moisturizers, cleansers, body wash, etc.  
  • Linens: Always keep in mind that poor sleep can drain all your energy making it difficult for you to survive life alone in an unknown city. So, it is important for you to carry all the items helping you to make your bed comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Carry everything from bed sheets, to pillow covers and blankets. Also, it will be not possible to wash the linens regularly. Therefore, carry extra pairs of them.

Wrapping up it all!

To make the single occupancy pg in Coimbatore much comfortable and lavishing both owners of the PG and tenants have to contribute from their end. The above-mentioned were some ways how PGs can be made comfortable and lavishing. 

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