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How to Choose Shoes that Would Best Match with Your Dress

All men know how important it is to choose the right shoe for their outfits. It plays as much of an important role in first impressions as your dress would. Now all men must have a pair of specific shoes in their wardrobe. Be it their necessity or their obsession. Here are some rules for shoes that matches with dress.

If we divide the men’s shoe types, we can see three basic categories- Sneakers, Wingtip, and Boots. We can manage another category for sandals, but sandal is not good for outdoors. Sneakers are the most popular and stylish among these three and it is rising in value rapidly. Before we move on to discuss how you should choose the best shoes, check out these PointsBet Promo Code Michigan if you’re into online betting.

But, the problem is that it does not fit in with all types of clothing. There are some occasions in which wearing a sneaker will create a bad impression. So, to save you from such uncomfortable situations, let us look at some shoe matching rules that all men should follow.

Types of Shoes

The first thing you should consider is the type of shoe. Are you going to wear sneakers with a formal suit? Or will you wear a wingtip with your gym outfit? Obviously not! So when to wear what? Here is a simple guideline.

Never wear sneakers on a workday or any other formal occasions unless you are a creative work like a photographer or a graphics designer. Always go for the wingtip. If your work is related to outdoor field working, then you may choose to wear boots.

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Other than workdays, it’s fine to wear sneakers. But sometimes on a weekend, it’s best to go for wingtips and boots. Like when you are wearing a sweater and khakis or having a drink of bourbon with your friends, go for the boots.

And if you are wearing sports coats and jeans at a dinner party or drinking gin in a bar, go for the wingtip. In other cases, go free for sneakers. But never wear sandals. They just don’t fit in at all. Sandals are meant to be worn indoors or at best, with sweatpants. They don’t fit in with jeans and they don’t fit in with formal Indian dresses.

Shoe Color

The general rule of picking a shoe color is to pick one that is darker than your pants. But in the case of sneakers, you can do the absolute opposite or whatever you want. You can wear a white sneaker to grab the attention of people around you in an informal outing with friends. But make sure that your pants are not covering the sneakers. Because what is the point of it if your shoes are covered by your pants.

In the case of formal dresses and suits, dark or brown colored wingtips or boots are the best choices. Black/ dark shoes will work perfectly with black, grey, and navy blue pants. Brown works with brown, tan, and other similar colored dresses. Brown shoes will also work best with lighter tone pants.

Sometimes, you should not match the shoe color with your pants. For example, you’re wearing a brown bomber jacket and navy blue jeans. In this case, you can wear a sneaker or a wingtip. But what color should you pick? We would suggest you pick a color similar to your bomber jacket.

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Try not to pick any other color than black and brown for formal shoes.

Matching Shoes with Belts

It is one of the classic and universal rules of matching your shoe color with your belt’s color. But that’s not always true. Unless you are not wearing a black or brown belt, don’t follow this rule. If your belt has a black and brown pattern or any other color pattern, don’t follow this rule.

Matching Socks with Ties

There is often a misconception of matching your socks with your shoes or pants. It is not necessary to do so. Your sock can be of a different color or pattern. But if you want any criteria for picking socks, then try to choose a black sock or similar color to your tie.

Follow these rules and it will be enough to guide you to pick the right shoe and save you from uncomfortable situations.

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